The Pittsburgh Pirates: Professional Baseball’s Drunken Sailor

Pittsburgh Pirates

The Pittsburgh Pirates: Professional Baseball’s Drunken Sailor


  1. Wow tell me how you really feel.

  2. Omg you believe there are more than two genders, dislike

    • The third gender is shitposting.

  3. Maybe you should’ve said “the Flying Dutchman has come to collect his due”

  4. Pittsburgh is a garbage city full of white trash.

  5. 27 July 2018
    After the winning streak came to an end at the hands of The Tribe in Cleveland the day before.
    The Pirates we all know have returned getting destroyed by the Mets.

  6. lmfao at 7:17 Starling Marte is a fucking idiot!

  7. “Imagine Fred Rogers dying…on repeat”


  8. Watch This Guys Fuckin Mouth !! My Fav Team

  9. 1 250 618 2271 I Live In Kamloops Im Undefeated Fuck Head With Nothing Good To Say

  10. 2:33 Wow look how packed that stadium is! 3:36 is almost as good as disappointed Jaguars fan.

  11. The spongebob music has a really good touch to this roasting of the Pirates

  12. “Imagine Fred Rodgers dying, on repeat” Tree, my man…that is quite possibly, the single most depressing thought you could ask a human being to have, to think of such a saintly, loving man dying in repeat….that is next level sorrow tree.

    • TheRevanchists cause Fred was a Pittsburgh native

  13. What is the music for 7:43 ?

    • That’s fransico cervelis music when he walks up to bat.

    • Name Changer “That’s amore” by Dean Martin

    • Name Changer “That’s amore” by Dean Martin

  14. Why can’t you say Sid Bream? He played for them for 6 seasons. His baseball reference page is him in a Pirates uniform.

    • Ted Roebuck cause he was a brave in 1992 and scored the pennant clinching run against Atlanta

    • +rocknrallsoul94 Rockero Yes, I know.

  15. This guy loves using music from Spongebob

  16. 9:17 My opinion of the last jedi.

  17. How many sports franchises have been utterly destroyed by analytics/sabermetrics?

  18. Did that guy in the front row to the left on the fucked pitch at 8:36 get knocked out with the ball?

  19. 82-79

  20. 3:04 “if he is a hitting guru, my taint smells of lavender and honey” :0

  21. I relate to this video so much

  22. 2 words that best describes the Pirates franchise. Financial Flexibility!!!! So sick of hearing those 2 words from Pirates management.

  23. I like how you put spongebob music in the background

  24. Clint Hurdle has a double bubble?

  25. Their division is stacked the pirates always have the cardinals and brewers in their way and because the cubs are actually good now it makes it even harder the pirates problem is that they claim they are a small market team that tries to grow players but they suck at doing that and when they do they just trade them away. Also why claim that you are a small market team yet you can sign people like Corey Dickerson, Chris Archer, Adeinny hechevarria who they traded to the Yankees even though they have the worst hitting shortstop in Jordy Mercer. My last argument is the Pirates are so old minded, when teams like the Indians and astros are pitching curveballs galore to strike people out the pirates continue to try to throw fastballs down the middle thinking that professional hitters would just roll over and hit ground balls even though what happens is they just end up using home run specialists like Ivan nova to try to execute this. Not to mention Ivan nova is someone who they picked up in free agency from the Yankees who have the biggest payroll and you managed to steal him from the yanks but the pirates can’t spend money on someone like Patrick Corbin who I have been waiting for them to sign since he would be a perfect fit for the bucs, he throws a good fastball and curve and he’s a lefty. And finally JUST START ELIAS DIAZ HE IS CLEARLY BETTER THAN OLD CERVELLI just trade cervelli for a good middle infielder and they should be set for the playoffs but they aren’t gonna do that because the owner knows nothing about baseball.

    • If you read through my rant bless you

  26. Lol how many fans think they need to win the world series every year or everyone gets fired…small market team with a fanbase. That only exists so steelers fans have something to do after another playoff choke

    • That’s Pittsburgh, though. Same thing happens with the Steelers and Penguins.

  27. You need to rip FSU Football. We really need you to roast our hometown team. Serve reality on a hot skillet like you always do.

  28. Cole is now really good with Houston… sucks to be you Pittsburgh.

  29. Why did Philadelphia pick up McCutchen again? Can they really fix him?

  30. +1 for the Homestarrunner reference

  31. What kind of last name is Nutting?

  32. NL is stacked but theyre still bad

  33. its me …

  34. Fuck Robert Nutting


  36. Hey atleast the Pirates finished the 2018 season with a winning record!

  37. I’m honestly surprised you haven’t done a video for the Mariners. They have baseball’s longest active playoff drought (haven’t made the playoffs since 2001), only made four (yes, FOUR) postseason appearances in their 42-year history, and are one of two franchises in MLB that have never appeared in a World Series (they fell two wins short of the pennant in 1995 and 2000). A team like that would definitely be up UrinatingTree’s alley.

  38. how did they somehow finish above .500 last year?

  39. I’m n ok t a pirates fan but I live in Indiana where there AAA team is and un like the pirates they are good

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  41. Now I am nervous to have Cutch on the Phils

  42. so is urinating tree an all pittsburgh fan?

  43. DUI’s in 3 countries.. I’m impressed

  44. The #Pirates are on the #WorldSeries clock, it’s been 4 decades for that franchise going on now in 2019.

  45. 3:30

  46. “Drew Hutchison fucking sucks.” Lol

  47. I saw that dudes Pedro Alvarez jersey and I just missed him because my brother made a poster that was really funny

  48. Sid Bream—classic finish

  49. I’m surprised I havent found a video on the seattle mariners yet. I’ve watched a bunch of these and its surprising that it’s not here yet. As a life long fan of seattle, 41 years counting is hard to swallow

  50. And then they trade for Chris Archer

  51. PLEASE!!! No more of those hideous yellow jerseys and stupid looking old style caps. It’s not 1979 anymore.

  52. one of the funniest fucking videos ive ever seen

  53. Make one for the LA angels of Anaheim. They have the best player in baseball and only made the playoffs once with him