HUGE Coaching Changes for the Brewers

Milwaukee Brewers

HUGE Coaching Changes for the Brewers


  1. What’s up y’all! That 40 minute video will be released tomorrow night at around 7-8 pm central time 🙂

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  5. Um when are you going to do the who i think the Brewers should pick up this offseason?

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  10. I still think we should fire counsell. I dont even mind his whole bullpen style, its just hes so dumb sometimes. pinch hitting a pitcher, having schoop bat 9 times in the playoffs, lineup changes EVERY DAY. the list goes on and on.

    • Roc Jocmocarocatoc Manger of the year and 1 game away? Try being a white Sox fan with Rick Renteria. I’d take Counsell in a heart beat.

    • +OC5412 we could be in the world series if we had someone else, but yes there are also worse options out there.

    • Roc Jocmocarocatoc we wouldn’t have been there without him

    • Counsell is amazing wtf. Yes, we were skeptical in July, but damn September on, nobody better.

  11. You have to literally be retarded to think Brady isn’t top 20.

  12. Ron Roenicke gonna get a ring

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  14. Bring in molitor for hitting

  15. I think it was just time for a fresh offensive philosophy in the clubhouse. It did feel stale and repetitive at points.

    Oh, and congrats on the success!!!!

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  17. I want paul molitor

  18. Like the vid, but I wouldn’t say this is huge lol

    • Big Sauce Well if I put “little coaching change” in the title, no one will click on that haha

  19. I don’t know for sure but I’m pretty sure Derek Johnson (the pitching coach) works with all of the pitchers and Lee Tunnel (the former bullpen coach) just picked up the phone and Counsell told him who to start getting warmed up and Tunnel told that pitcher in the bullpen to start warming up and I’m sure he sometimes critiqued the fundamentals of pitchers in the bullpen.

  20. Coles resigned because he wanted to “take on a new challenge” according to David Stearns. So maybe Coles wants to try and be a manager or assistant manager or something that is a step up from hitting coach I’m not sure. But I think automatically blaming the hitting coach when we have struggles at the plate is not the right thing to do because sure he can help the hitters with their fundamentals and tell them what they are doing wrong and that might help. But at the end of the day Coles isn’t the one at the plate striking out with runners in scoring position or getting into slumps so I wasn’t on the fire Coles train either.

  21. This isn’t that big of a deal for the team but they also did not extended the contract of the physical trainer Dan Wright that came out of the dugout with Counsell when the players got hurt so we are gonna have to find someone to fill that spot to but I think there was a assistant physical trainer so I’m sure he’ll take over that spot.

  22. Move to the Packers!

  23. Machado is the worst player in the national league