1. I’m proud of these guys.

  2. i like one team from each division, both of which teams should theoretically hate the red sox (AL is yankees, that are the obvious rival to the red sox and NL is rockies, that got swept by the red sox in 2007)

    but i really do tip my hat to this team. they were great this year and they deserved to win it all in the end. this was my first baseball season i cared about, and it has been great. much respect to each of the red sox and congrats to their fans.

    heres to the 2018 season, and i know i’m already ready for the 2019 season.

  3. Red Sox Thanos snaps it’s finger = Yankees, Astros and Dodgers, I don’t feel so good….

  4. They got there because they are the greatest Red Sox team in franchise history.

    • There damn good, but not as good as the 2004 Red Sox

  5. Way to go, Boston!

  6. It was One Hell of a Ride!!

  7. Possibly the greatest team in history

  8. Need to resign pearce,kelly,eovaldi..