Should Yankees trade Giancarlo Stanton to go after Bryce Harper? | Pardon the Interruption

New York Yankees

Should Yankees trade Giancarlo Stanton to go after Bryce Harper? | Pardon the Interruption


  1. Titans>Cowboys

    • No ure high

  2. Who cares, Boston are Champions and will have all the time to shit talk!

    • Shut up

    • F Boston

  3. Did these guys not here about what happened today? Harper’s agent said he can play 1st. Stanton did not have a bad year. Cmon ESPN.

  4. If you’re gonna trade stanton trade him to the Angels & get some of there good young talent.

  5. am i the only who thinks Harper a bit overrated????

    • Nah there are plenty of others

    • no i think shin soo choo is better.

    • dancindancel I agree. Look at the career totals he is a really good player but isn’t 400 or 300 mill contract player like some think. He has a really high ceiling though and potential to be one of the best.

    • Bit is an understatement he really had only 1 great year other then that hes been very inconsistent and hes horrible defensively yet people act like hes a once in a generation player and a superstar. Hes the most overrated player in baseball and im a yankee fan saying this

  6. they should not, they stay with both

  7. Fuck no, Yankees could sign him as a first baseman

  8. 0:37 Can someone you never grew up watching be your idol?

    • Yes, just by knowing what they did or wanting to walking in there footsteps.(sports wise)

    • Legends transcend generations.

  9. Yes I’m a Yankees fan and I agree Harper would be the duo Harper and judge

  10. Why do people want Stanton gone?!? Yeah he had a down year but he still hit 35+ hrs and 100+ rbis.

    • Yankees fans will remember how many times he didnt swing at pitches right down the middle, swung at pitches by his ankles, how tenative he looked especially when we were all injured and he was the solo act. We need hitters not guys whore either hitting home runs or striking out literally everytime theyre up

    • 1998 Honda CR-V Because he’s Alex Rodriguez in the pressure. Fuck that piece of shit.

    • DVJFan you don’t know if he does steroids

    • +Super Game Jerks lol you just described Judge aswell bahahahaha Both of them strike out like crazy

    • +1998 Honda CR-V Wtf? I wasn’t talking about steroids, moron. Stick to cars.

    • DVJFan yes you were

    • +1998 Honda CR-V Because he’s Alex Rodriguez in the pressure.

      Where did I remark anything about steroids?

  11. Theyre drunk af. You got this man a year ago and you really think they gonna trade for harper, when its already been said yankees arent pursuing him? Take this L non baseball watchers

    • Hardly anyone at ESPN knows baseball

    • +Jeffrey House It irritates me then they try and make crap like this up

  12. Theyre drunk af. Yankees got this man a year ago and you really think they gonna trade for harper, when its already been said yankees arent pursuing him? Take this L non baseball watchers

    • This is why I watch the mlb network when I need baseball news.

    • +Nehemiah Howard dude idk what sources you’re listening to but thats false the Yankees are pursuing Harper and they reached out to the Nationals at least once in the past week seeing what they think about Harper playing first base….

    • +Kerrigan I forget where i saw it but it was a few days ago. And its now officially confirmed, hes not going to the yankees

    • +Nehemiah Howard its not official at all…. just cause Buster Olney said he has “a source” doesnt give any real backing to his “source”. I consider what Harpers agent said about the Yankees and how Bryce can play first, ill take that more serious than a fucking reporter trying to make a big headline……

    • +Kerrigan Are you a yankees fan?

    • +Nehemiah Howard im done with you. irrelevant!

    • +Kerrigan No cuz it would make sense for a yankee fan to keep saying stuff like that. What do you think hes getting is sources from mars? Obviously its coming from someone within the circle

    • +Nehemiah Howard all reporters have their own sources.. believe whatever you want to. no one said the Yankees were getting Stanton and they did. Theres also reports out there that the Yankees arent in for Machado, i dont believe that either… WHY ARE ALL RED SOX FANS OBSESSED WITH YANKEE NEWS AND YANKEES IN GENERAL LOL

  13. Why so we can pay Harper an even more insane contract than Stanton’s

  14. Stanton didn’t have that great of a season but neither did Harper so to me, it wouldn’t be that much of an upgrade

    • Jeremy Hayes Harper still has a higher ceiling though

    • Jordan Davis but they can get both

    • Jeremy Hayes Harper is a better defensive player, while his OBP is elite

    • lol ur an idiot Stanton couldn’t buy a hit in the postseason

  15. These guys are stupid Stanton had a stellar season but getting harper wouldn’t help maybe place him at firsf but that leavea you with manny machado what the Yankees needs is starting pitching trade for mad bum and trade for corey kluber and get Patrick corbin resign zack Britton

  16. All I know is we need people who want to hit the ball and not just for home runs. Guys that understand the beauty of base hits. Last year I swear it was literally home runs or strike outs for these guys. Stanton especially, we need a new hitting coach or make some roster moved idk but it was so annoying to watch this team.

    • Harper struck out 170 times last year

  17. Stanton’s contract is trash in today’s FA standard. No way LA will eat up that.

  18. This is the stupidest segment of all time

  19. Dodgers signing Harper

    • nah I really believe he wants to play in the AL

    • +Kerrigan keep believing won’t happen

    • +Jay Saturday i can say the same to you BUD LOL. your point is? my point is i believe he wants to be in the AL cause of the ballparks and DH…. LOL CLOWN

  20. Yes ! Stanton is one of the worst players I’ve seen. If you want 10 years of A-rod than keep Stanton. Strike out in big moments.

    • Brynny211 yankees are all overhyped, judge is crap. only good player is the kraken

    • Lol NL mvp but he’s one of the worst players you’ve ever seen.

  21. Two prime-time players and both OF. Not worth to trade Stanton for Harper. It’s Stanton first year, especially in the AL, give it time to adjust. Honestly cut Ellsbury, that guy is a waste of space. Can’t remember the last time he played a healthy season. We need pitchers more importantly. Go after Corey Klueber or any Cy Young pitchers….

  22. They should trade him get young players for him…he sucked bad for us disappointed.

  23. No Harper didn’t play that great last year and Stanton played at a down from the year before. The Yankees can also find a way if they wanted to sign Harper to keep everybody but basically this won’t be an upgrade at all honestly he would be a downgrade

  24. FUCK NO! Giancarlo will be better next season. it was his 1st. season in the AL Harper’s got attitude problem. yank’s don’t need that!

  25. As a life long Royal’s fan .. I wish they would sign a power hitter like these two guys … Help our offense we need hitting bad

  26. Lol there the same player. Arrogant Dbags that strike out All THE TIME

    • Well put

  27. Why does NY need alllllll big name players? It has been proven that doesn’t win you a championship

  28. To me the Yankees should keep Stanton and try and see if they can trade Ellsbury. Then sign Harper

  29. Im not sure about the Yankees but the

  30. Sign Harper, machado, Britton, Miller, Robertson, Cody, Happ and Carrasco or Corbin. They have the money make it happen. Signing Cc to me was a mistake. I would’ve payed happ instead

  31. The Stanton deal i never liked it. We have Judge & GCS is a very similiar player but strikesout more. If we could trade him i would but i hope we are more focused on pitching.

  32. As a Sox fan. Please trade Stanton and sign Harper. That will just F’ed up the Yankees even more. Stanton absolutely destroyed the AL East this year. Go look up the numbers yourself. The Yanks might not make the Wild card game if it wasn’t for him.

    • Chang Yung Shih Thank you man, Stanton’s first season on a winning team in the biggest market, he’s gonna consistently hit 40 homers and 100 RBIS he’s a superstar ! We need to have more faith in him and keep him for the rest of his career

    • +Tahmid Chowdhury If Stanton can chase less he will be an MVP candidate next year. This is coming from a blue jays fan too.

    • Tahmid Chowdhury Thx bro. Vlad Jr can’t come fast enough lol.

    • +cdmdjd2009 the BJ’s FO is only trying to delay his rookie status. He already hits at Major League level in 2018.

    • Chang Yung Shih I think if he continues to dominate AAA at the start of 2019 they should bring him up early.

  33. No, they should Trade someone else for Bryce Harper

  34. Bryce harper is overrated. He is good but cmon strikeout machine just like staton.

  35. Upload more PTI, it’s the only good show you bitches have.

  36. Yes! Yes! Yes! Send him to the Angels or Giants for Trout or Bumgarner the dodgers have no room unless they trade puig

  37. Seriously put Stanton in a package with Tyler Wade or Ronald Torreyes for Trout they need a 3b or 2b or Bumgarner to the Giants and add Albert abreu and Luis Cesa

  38. I can’t believe I clicked on this. Ugh


  40. It would be fucked up if they do because they just got him a year ago like they aren’t even giving him a chance

  41. To me it shouldn’t really matter. Stanton, in some ways, not all, is just as good as Bryce give or take a bit, but Bryce is looking for a needle in a haystack. Big, big $$ and to probably win more than one WS.  How can someone reject $300 mil from a decent team, and want to go somewhere else where it is not a guarantee to win?? Only God knows and even he is probably thrown for a loop! Good luck Harper, you’re going to need it!! just look at Edwin in Cleveland…

  42. They’re not gonna Trade Stanton, Both Judge and Stanton are Power Hitters on this team, even though getting 100 wins this past season, if Stanton goes, the Yankees will be back into the usual 80-90+ win Season. I think they’ll keep stanton

  43. I think harper the younger player , might hit a ton of homers in new york. But where do u play him, you waste his defence by using him as a DH. Plus bryce sometimes has a problem with left handed pitching, hence Chris sale , David price to start with. Now add randone to the equation and thats a do

  44. Stanton is a beast when hes healthy and seeing the ball well. Dude had an “average” Season and hit 38 HR and 100RBI. Leave hin with the Yanks, he’ll settle in. Harper has shown he can have an ego and can be immature. Hes not a bad player but they hype him more than what he shows. Last thing you want is the chemistry get dismantled and mess up the team. Plus the contract and on top of that Yanks have to pay up the young core eventually..(Judge,Sanchez,Sevy etc.)

  45. Don’t be silly! That’s stupid talk! Why not Giancarlo Stanton trade for Mike Trout ? Huh?

  46. Will Mike trout extend or go to free agency?