1. Holy shit this was good

  2. i love dylan’s reaction @3:44

    • AllPinkBarbieDollHouse yea that got me hyped while sitting on the couch!

  3. Dope

  4. Dope
    Nothing from final tho

    • i think they weren’t allowed to film those games

  5. Best Nationals of the past few years for sure

  6. That pump fake @ 0:38 was nasty!

  7. No ring/machine? No jack williams or von alanguilan? SMH interns.

    • Unfortunately, Ultiworld didn’t get to film and Ring or Machine games, so didn’t get any of their highlights.

  8. Great video…. but I wish you had clipped out the “bad spirit” spike and yellow card around 1:02 … and also the discussion/call/blue card at 2:21-2:28 (many feel it was a bad call by the observers, and impacted the outcome).

    • Agreed, seeing the cards in the video promotes that exact kind of behavior because it looks “cool”

    • I like having them in there… nationals (like any big sport event) is all about the stories.. and those plays were a big part of the story of that game. I agree it’s not a “highlight” in the usual ultimate sense of the word, but they were big moments in one of the biggest games of the weekend in the men’s division.

    • I like them there. It’s honest about what the sport has evolved to.

  9. Definitely best Ultiworld highlight reel ever.

    Have they picked out an artist for the next James Bond movie theme? Angela McCluskey and Big Gigantic would seem like a solid choice…

  10. Why is it not a turnover at 0:54

    • By the rules it is, but it was called a goal during the game.

  11. The Dillon/Jagt call was pretty bad, IMO. I think Trent is in the right to be upset by that.