Florida Marlins at New York Mets 2007 09 28 Mets big collapse

Miami Marlins

Florida Marlins at New York Mets 2007 09 28 Mets big collapse

Miami Marlins
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  1. Thanks for this upload. The Mets collapse was NOT complete, though……….but it sure FELT this way. It dropped the Mets to a game back of the Phillies in the East with two to go. The Mets won big on Saturday and the Phils lost to get even. Then, on the last day, the Fish scored seven in the 1st to ruin the Mets while the Phillies won, and THEN, the Mets’ collapse was complete.

    • May be…I’ve that game too

    • I’d love to see an uncut version of the Sunday finale! I only have an edited 60 minute overnight replay of that one. Meantime, thanks for uploading this one.

    • Mets be metsing

    • Here are the facts about reyes the virus 1) 2007 and 2008 biggest collapses in MLB history Reyes hit under 200 during both collapses and made everyone lose focus and urgency. 2) the blue Jays were under 500 with Reyes then they got rid of him and they started to win and went to the ALCS 2 years in a row 3)Rockies got 16 games worse after they acquired Reyes 4)The Marlins got rid of Reyes in the first year of a 5 year contract 5)2017 mets underachieving disaster 22 games under 500 with Reyes 6)2018 once again disaster, overall 30 games under 500 since Reyes returned. 7)last game Shea stadium history loss with Reyes. First game citi field history loss with Reyes. Reyes is the rare athlete that infects guys around him his laughing and overall personality doesn’t allow guys to have the right mindset to perform at their highest capabilities which is why the biggest collapses in history happened with Reyes . it’s been 2 decades of the same disaster result. Mets were in the World Series in 2015 before he showed up .

  2. Do you have the other 2 games of this series?

  3. Can you post the Subway Series game from May 21, 2006?

  4. Do you have other Mets games from this season? Hopefully before the collapse?

  5. 17:36 jeesh he served that up

  6. 49:58 wild thing u make my butt sting

  7. Lol alou the next mickey mantle

  8. Team is on the verge Of the biggest collapse in history and Jose Reyes is laughing and you wonder why no team has been able to win with Reyes for 2 decades

  9. Do you have Game 4 of the 2003 World Series?

  10. I forgot Miguel Cabrera played for Florida.

  11. Do you have more Sunday Night Baseball games when Jon Miller and Joe Morgan were on the booth?

  12. Would you happen to have the last game at shea stadium vs the marlins you could post?