Yan Gomes TRADED + MLB Trade Rumors (Robinson Cano, Paul Goldschmidt, JT Realmuto)

Cleveland Indians

Yan Gomes TRADED + MLB Trade Rumors (Robinson Cano, Paul Goldschmidt, JT Realmuto)


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  2. Indians: hey you know how we traded our catcher prospect?
    Indians fans: yeah
    Indians: lets just trade our other catcher
    Indians fans: why tho
    Indians: cause we can

  3. Love you bro no homo

  4. My boy Mark be killing it, so with the Mets getting Cano and Diaz even though it’s not announced yet. Do you feel Syndergaard still gets traded? Also, who’s next from Seattle getting traded, feel like Segura is next to be traded, just makes sense. I do hope my Padres sign Solarte again, a beloved person in San Diego.

  5. Angels released Jabari Blash what’s you thought on that reply below

  6. Make another trade rumors video in the next week please

  7. Hey Marc id really like to talk to you more about this on my sports channel.

  8. Segura maybe to phils

  9. Do a Lonie Chiznhall

  10. Bad trade for Mets. Overpriced and old Cano

    • The Rambo buuuut Diaz is the best closer in baseball with 4 years of control left

    • Diaz is the reigning AL Reliever of the year, and Cano is aging like wine (And he showed post-suspension that the PEDs weren’t boosting his play)

    • John Lachman exaclty…I think Canos got 2 more years of being Robinson cano b4 he starts declining….but for me Diaz alone is worth the 3 good prospects we are moving

  11. I thought I was getting joe mauer video today 11/30 like you promised

    • yoooo waz good

  12. First, Love this channel, new subscriber.
    Second, I’m a Nats fan so I’ll always be making fun of you for being a Mets fan
    Third, the NL East is looking to be stacked. This trade, along with the Donaldson signing for the Braves, and if the Cano, Diaz trade happens for the Mets, than that’ll be insane. With the Phillies trying to get a superstar that’ll be interesting to watch. And the Marlins are there too. I guess

  13. Nothing about Cervelli?

  14. Realmuto to the cubs would be interested but not if we have to get up Wilson (cubs fan)

  15. Why your sweater look like a La Croix Can

  16. Great vid again Marc. Had to do some homework so I’m in late for the vid but great one just like always.

  17. About time my favorite Mets fan uploaded something.

  18. Do u think Dee Gordon will be traded? If so, where?

  19. What are your thoughts about CJ Cron

  20. completely agree with sanchez/ realmuto swap.

  21. Aye my padre finally got a sp garret richards. I know he is injury prone but he is a all star caliber player I’m hype

  22. Why don’t you want J.T. Realmuto?

    • Jordan Peters because we gonna have to trade a whole lot for him

    • GiraffeNeckMarc ok, I get that. He may not be the right one but they gotta get in on some of these top guys, they need talent.

      To be fair, I got no stake in it, I’m for the other NY team but it’s better when the Subway series is a little more balanced… even though they beat the Yanks last year they we’re far inferior overall.

  23. You forgot the biggest one Matt Moore signed with the Tigers.

  24. Digging the RD hat bro!

  25. Gary Sanchez for Realmuto would be the worst trade for the Yankees

  26. Cano can move to 3B for the mets and Scoop can fit right at second

  27. Cashman has already stated over and over again that they’re riding with Sanchez

  28. By midnight Marc will need a new pair of pants

  29. Mets fans in 2017: we want a big trade, the Mets never make big trades. Classic Mets

    – Mets fans in 2018- You made a big trade?! It’s bad! Classic Mets

  30. Yooooooooooo, the DR Cap! #DeLoMio

  31. Hey Marc you think the nationals are still thinking they can compete

  32. Mets in april gunna have Cano Diaz miller ottovino ramos and MAYBE just MAYBE harper….ok not harper but it would be nice…

  33. Gary Sanchez is Overrated asf

    • I wouldnt say hes overrated, it’s just that hes such a terrible fielder

  34. I’m so hyped to be a Mariners fan, if everyone develops well we could have a rotation with Logan Gilbert, Justus Sheffeild, Marco Gonzales, and if this trade goes through we’ll have Justin Dunn

  35. The King cuz it’s nice

  36. I’m an indians fan and never really liked Gomes so not really hurt by this but kind of hope Eric haase can step up and push Roberto Perez

  37. Not gonna say anything about the cardinals gonna get goldy??

  38. You should eat something

  39. Make a fantasy rebuild draft for the Mets including players already on the time and some players from free agency that the Mets actually have a chance to get !!

  40. First off I respect for the Mets I like the franchise. But, I seriously disagree with trading their young players when your in a division where three other teams that are a lot better than you, are fighting for the division. Honestly I have a hard time saying they have a chance at the wild card. Yes, their window to win is now. But, the competition is just too much for them.

  41. I feel offended because the white Sox stadium is the worst

  42. Whatever happened to J.P Crawford? If the Phillies want Segura. Dude was like a top 5 prospect or something like that. And I havent heard one word about him in years.

  43. Man I love that hoodie where did you get it

  44. Naaaaa leave gary Sanchez alone

  45. Cano and Diaz to Yanks who wants to play for a crappy team like the Mets

  46. Can you do a vid on what you think of the 2019 hall of fame ballot

  47. You don’t want jet realmuto

  48. Addison Russell as well bro

  49. I’m sorry Marc but Sugar Diaz is gonna be a wasted talent because the problem with the Mets is that they can’t get runs, his saves are going to go down and I feel sorry for him and for DeGrom

  50. I think the Mets will actually be pretty decent this year

  51. Love you’re hat

  52. The Cubs should definitely trade Contreas for J.T. Contreas calls terrible games, played awful defense this year and was very inconsistent at the plate, in the second half.

  53. Also Tommy La Stella got traded to the Angel’s

  54. You should talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and their potential FA signings/trades. There’s plenty of material for 10 minutes, if not 20.

    • Slot Machine Mashups thank you someone else sees it

  55. Cano to the mets I am personally a A’s fan but I don’t like the mariners so I support the mets thanks for the vids

  56. Seattle are blowing it up
    First Paxton
    Now Cano and Diaz never liked the M’s as a A’s fan but their front office is trash

  57. Very good move by the Indians. Pick up a few prospects and open up the opportunity for Mejía to seize the full time catcher spot….

    Oh wait….

  58. Bro this is a horrible trade for the mets bro wtf are you smoking?? Cano is 36 and on PEDs if they find him again doing that shit he’s out all season.think about that .and the mariners did better when he wasn’t playing smh thirsty move just to get diaz smh sad.

  59. Breaking Trade News: Marc gets traded from YouTube to ESPN

  60. I would like realmuto because he is the best catcher in the league

  61. Nl east is gonna be the division to watch all year in 2019

  62. Marc do you think another team will take the al central divison next year

  63. Play nicktoons mlb

  64. I am from cleveland and yan gomes was my all time favorite player since he started with the indians! i have met him twice and got my jersey autographed and his rookie card… To be totally honest i cried when i found out he was traded from the indians. :((

  65. Please Kluber to the Dodgers

    • Sam Scherer won’t beat any of the al teams still

  66. Nationals are still trying to be competitive? Your a cavaliers type of fu*ked

  67. Daniel Johnson is projected to be a center fielder with below-average hitting but with good speed and fielding. So he’s basically another Greg Allen or Bradley Zimmer. That’s not to mention that Jefry Rodriguez got suspended for PEDs in 2017. Meanwhile, the starting catcher for the Indians now is someone that batted .168 last season, had a 1.7 dWAR and is only on the active roster because he’s Bauer’s preferred catcher.

    There’s really no excuse for this trade from an Indians perspective. It’s indefensible.

  68. I’m just curious, what makes Kimbrel’s 6 year deal so crazy? Is it because he was shaky in the postseason, or because 6 years is just too much of an asking price?

  69. Their are actually rumors that Giancarlo stanton might get traded as a giant,it should have happened last year,just saying

  70. Give Gary Sanchez a freakin break it was one bad season he is so much better than realmuto

  71. Terrible trade for the Mets.  Might work out this year and maybe next year, but how much longer can he play 2nd base?  He should go to a AL team who could use him as a DH.  Mets already have a 2B in McNeil.  I like Diaz but there are other, cheaper options (Adam Ottavino, Andrew Miller, Zach Britton, etc…).  I hate seeing them get rid of Jarred Kelenic.  He’s a 5 tool player and really impressed everybody who watched him last year in single A.  Justin Dunn may end up a starter with them or even a reliever/ closer down the line.  This is one of those trades that will define the Mets stupidity even more.

  72. Damn Where did you get that sweatshirt!?!?

  73. Talk about the possible Francisco Cervelli trade bc rn the red sox and pirates are in early stages of discussing one or at least I think they are

  74. Disastrous deal for Cleveland. Dunno what the hell this franchise is thinking. They probably feel they can gut half their team and still win 83 games and win the division. Still disastrous to deal Gomes for 2 mediocre prospects.

  75. Seen a similar thing in 06 didn’t lead to a world series for the mets

  76. What about toe to the cubs


  78. Breaking News Marc!!!!!!!! Robinson Cano and Edwin Diaz going to the Mets!!!!!!!!

    • I’ll be waiting for your video reaction to this trade!!! Finally the Mets make a big move!!!

  79. Mets just got Robinson Cano!

  80. Why would you want grandal or Ramos ? Ik they’re good offensively but defensively grandal is suspect. Ramos is ok

  81. Im a mariners fan i live outside of seattle and honestly i just want to win i like cano but recently he cant hit so give me whoever edwin diaz is sooooo Good tho…

  82. M’s GM, Jerry Dipoto, is a fucking idiot.

  83. Goldy to STL prediction

  84. The sod stadium doesn’t suck are you high it has a Chicago candy lights in it and showers outside you guys have a fucking random apple

  85. Cano and Diaz have been traded to Mets in a 7 player deal, which moves one, Jay Bruce, to Seattle.

  86. Robby cano trade basically done now so hurry up on that vid. Kinda sad that J kelenic is probably gunna go. I’m very sad that we will probably not hear another “BRUUUUUUUUCEEEE” and Swarsack was good for a game but after opening day everything went down the drain. There are like two other players that I don’t really have an opinion about getting traded (J.dunn G. Bautista) but hurry up one the vid. People are saying this did a good trade because we are finnaly making moves but it’s also risky. Obviously I love how we are getting edwin Diaz but the cano part can be risky but we’ll see.

  87. Marc where is the Diaz trade??

  88. What’s the story behind the hat I’m Dominican myself but I would like to know if there is some Sort of background to it.

  89. Just subscribed to your channel I absolutely love all the METS talk, by the way that hat us freaking awesome, I used to own the navy blue version a couple years back.