Yasiel Puig TRADED to Reds + Andrew Miller SIGNS with Cardinals Reaction

St. Louis Cardinals

Yasiel Puig TRADED to Reds + Andrew Miller SIGNS with Cardinals Reaction


  1. Cards are fine on starting pitching, they might have too much (although, let’s face it, there’s no such thing as too much starting pitching). Cards will have Martinez, Mikolas, Wacha, Flaherty and you can put in Waino, Reyes, Poncedeleon, Hudson, they got a ton of guys to fill that 5th starter role. If anything, they need more pen help.

  2. Harper to La

  3. So excited for 2019

  4. I’m a reds fan so let’s go we finally traded for a decent player

    • Yes exactly went to some game last year with maybe 1000people in the seat s

  5. Bryce Harper goes to the Dodgers unless something crazy happens especially since Machado is waiting til after new year’s to decide on his next move.

  6. wow so now the reds contending, cardinals contending, Brewers contending, Cubs contending, and pirates are still questionable for contending. This is going to be a tough division to win unless meltdowns happend.

  7. Am a dodger fan and through my mind the only that passes is harper

  8. Would you consider doing a video in which you rank MLB stadiums or jerseys? It would be cool to see your opinion and it’s a little different than normal. Thanks for the consideration.

    • Anthony D’Amato that’d be a cool video

    • That would be an awesome video

    • I think those are great ideas! Definitely coming in the future!

    • GiraffeNeckMarc awesome sound great. And thanks for the great daily content

  9. Dodgers are getting Harper now

  10. The cubs need to trade j hey the giants and then get Bryce

  11. Harper is going to the reds

  12. THE REDS DID SOMETHING. I know they are just a rental, but Cincy needed to have a reason for people to watch and go to the games. This will get butts in seats, so I like the trade.

    And Homer is gone, so that is great.

  13. I love when the Cubs fail cry cubs fans cry.

  14. I think Bryce Harper goes to the Phillies

  15. Harper Padres lol jk

  16. I’m so pleased that Homer is practically done with the MLB. As a Reds fan, I absolutely hated every inch of him. Ward is reunited with Puig, allowing for the Dodgers to make a spot in the outfield for Harper. But, there is definitely more to come from the Reds, The Reds have said that they’re not done. So, you can bet your sweet ass that Keuchel is coming to Cincy.

    Edit: Oh yeah, another trade could be coming, Mariners-Brewers centered around Domingo Santana. Medicals just need to be checked.

  17. Now I don’t even want Harper, I want Kemp and Puig

    • Same

  18. If the Dodgers don’t get Harper then they just played themselves

    • No bellinger pederson Taylor and hernandez

  19. Harper going to the jay give him 10 year 50000000

  20. Bad trade for the dodgers, ngl.

    • Dumbass its for salary dump not the guys their getting learn baseball

    • +Wicket077 Dur hey buddy they gave up really good players for bryce harper… really bad trade for them ofc ur gonna be biased because ur a retarded doyers fan

  21. I hate u Dave Roberts go giants

  22. Reds are a lot better than your giving them credit fir

  23. As a Dodger fan I will miss Puig and hate trading Kemp again

  24. I hope that the Wilpons don’t be Cheap and get Harper But its very very unlikely

  25. Domingo Santana has been traded after video been uploaded. OOf

  26. Am I high ??? No I’m not why would the Dodgers trade puig to the fucking Reds well if the Dodgers loss with Harper in the world series that would be a busy (Mets fan)

  27. Harper to Yankees!!!

    Jk he’s going to the dodgers

  28. Terrible trade by the dodgers

  29. Coming from an A’s fan!! I love the Profar trade

  30. jordan hicks is a nice little pitcher the dude throws 105 coem on now

  31. I said it all along Bryce Harper will probably go to a California team but we’ll see

  32. do you not know the cards rotation.carlos martinez miles mikolias,Michael wacha,jack flathery,and alex reyes

  33. JUST IN: Mariners get ANOTHER good fairly young player in Domingo Santana brewers get Ben gamel and a bum

  34. How come u aint done one bout joe kelly??

  35. Hope Dodgers go for Harper. Glad they have more financial flexibility as well. Hope they can get Harper on a 5 year deal though not a massive one. Also happy Puig is back with Turner Ward.

  36. The dodger trade is SO DUMB

    • I’m so pissed

  37. What do u think about Cahill to the angels

  38. I am life long Reds fan and I haven’t cared about them the last 8-10 years. They have been a development team for rest of the League! Imagine what they would be if they kept all their talent!? Finnally they do something! cause most Reds fans have pretty much been done with them.. Just look at the stands during home games. Ownership has been a joke. I might actually go to some games this year! It’s been 12 years since I stepped into GABP!

  39. Harper ———> Toronto Blue Jays, they need an Outfielder badly!!!

  40. Hey Marc, thanks for the shoutout, really appreciate it, I’m a big fan, just keep on doing what you’re doing. Signed, jack

  41. I like your channel bro was wanting to find some Reds info on the trade and came across your channel. You talk all sports or just Baseball?

  42. Marc if the Dodgers don’t get Harper is it a loss?

  43. Cubs don’t need to make moves

  44. If the reds get a couple GOOD bullpen arm and one more starter I think they have a chance

  45. Love the reds return but they traded my favorite prospect in jeter downs so i dont know if i should be sad or happy

  46. Love the vids keep it

  47. Yankees are getting Machado for sure

  48. id rather have harper to nyy over manny but i think dogers will get him

  49. Harper to cubs

  50. The reds and dodgers trade was the best trade this off-season

  51. Sad I’m a cubs fan

  52. Harper is going to the Dodgers and Machado is going to the yanks

  53. Reds is getting beter

  54. As a giants fan, I would love him to go anywhere but the Dodgers. But I agree with you that he will go to the dodgers


  56. Dodgers traded to make room for Harper

  57. call me crazy this is a bold prediction but i feel like if the dodgers somehow miss out on harper (I don’t think they will) they’re gonna try and trade for stanton

  58. Harper could go to Colorado. Cargo Is getting older? Just my opinion

  59. Harper could go to Colorado. Cargo Isn’t getting older? Just my opinion

    • Cargo isnt a rockie anymore anyway

    • Nicholas Stiefbold I meant to say isn’t

  60. Charlie Morton to the Rays is HUGE

  61. This is a dumb trade and I’m pissed

  62. harper is going to the orioles

    • ImThe _Gavin that’s a good one

  63. right after your video was a chrones ad just thought that was crazy

  64. Bryce Harper is going to have the Houston Astros or dodges or cubs or Blue Jays

  65. Puig is easily the fans’ favorite dodger

  66. Daaaaaamn they really want bryce

  67. Bryce Harper will sign with the Dodgers or the Phillies I guarantee it, you’ll see

  68. Get for Dodgers this is a money thing but for Reds are they really going for it.

  69. This trade makes me very upset. I know we’re doing this to sign Harper, but I still think this is a dumb move.

  70. Well Bryce is either gonna rake or suck on the dodgers so lemme say this one more time INCONSISTENT!!

  71. Harper is signing with the Indians

  72. Bryce Harper is going to the Dodgers

    • Hell nah

  73. Dodgers are pushing hard for Harper. Trading three players who were keys in the 2018 Dodgers.

  74. Manny Machado in my opinion he’s going to the New York Yankees

  75. Joakim soria to the A’s

  76. With this move does it make the reds contenders? I’m also a Reds a fan so I’m ecstatic that we got Kemp and Wood.

    • BengalNation noooo reds still have a long way to go

  77. As a Cardinals fan I hate the Puig trade, because now we had to face against 3 teams for playoff spot, but I love the Andrew Miller signing to the Cards.

  78. LA- Losers Again.

  79. I am a dodgers fan and I think the it was and ok trade I don’t like that they traded wood

    • O and Harper to the dodgers

    • Have fun with Homer Bailey!!! 1-14 with a 6.08 era!!! Thanks for helping the Reds get rid of him

    • As a Dodgers fan, Wood is the only player in the deal I’m glad they traded.

  80. Domingo Santana traded to Seattle for gamel and a prospect

  81. I am so friggin happy that the Reds got rid of Homer Bailey. Took them long enough to do it. And now I think they have a very very good chance at the post season with their team so far.

  82. I think Alex wood is yuge for the reds. But if they can get another pitcher they are deadly. They have an amazing offense but they can’t pitch worth a lick.

  83. I’m a Reds fan so good for me

  84. As an Ohio native and a huge reds fan, super happy about this.

  85. Harper is overrated

  86. My heart is sad. Puig was the heart and soul of LA.

  87. Puig is such a girl… Miller is a good pickup for the Cardinals

  88. i hope in 2019 we don’t screw job calls

  89. Oakland highkey got a steal

    • Profar is a free agent after 2020 season

  90. Resigns in dc

  91. Bryce Harper is going to the Brewers.

  92. Great trade for both teams especially the reds brings some kind of hope back to the reds on the other hand dodgers are gonna make two other big moves I believed those prospects they got back from the reds are gonna be used for the kuebler trade and if people still don’t think that the Harper thing to the Dodgers is not a done deal just think about it the 2020 All Star game is gonna be in Dodger stadium and he lives in Las Vegas he’s gonna be in Dodger blue

  93. I hope you have a great Christmas

  94. I hate the trade because I am a cubs fan

  95. Fuck Magic Johnson I hope he has AIDS flare up

  96. Bryce is headed to Hollywood!! He’s a star and stars belong in Hollywood!!

  97. As an Orioles and Reds fan living in St. Louis i’m happy about the deals the Redlegs pulled off. I can’t wait to see Puig in a Reds Jersey. The lineup should be decent because it’s not like 1-8 were terrible last season. We just gotta get some starting pitching and the Reds can be competitive.

  98. Mark my words Harper and Machado will sign with the Cubs

  99. Harper goes to Braves. All we need is a right fielder and some bullpen help and we set.

  100. Keep up the awesome content man, I lost MLB network when I had to change my cable package so all the baseball news i can get is most welcome so from a rival Atlanta Braves fan keep up the good work, btw your Mets are going to be tough best of luck to you guys #coughnotreally

    • Will Barefoot this year should be a lot of fun!

  101. Cubs need to fire Theo. Like what the heck is he doing?? I could rant so much but nahhhhh

  102. Though Puig was going to be a forvever Dodger, but I guess not.

  103. Harper is a dodger

  104. I am a Yankee fan and I hate you

  105. Like the move for the Cardinals , to bad for the 2 Dodgers , kemp and puig banished to cincy. Doubt they will contend in a division loaded with talent

  106. Homer Bailey is very bad, and I kind of liked Kyle Farmer, but oh well…..

  107. Yeah, the Dodger trade has Harper signing all over it.

  108. HARPER to dodgers, or kluber, or realmuto

  109. Harper to the Dodgers, they might have enough money to get machado also. So that my prediction.

    • kermit I honestly don’t want machado again

    • They have seager they don’t need machado

  110. Think you’re dead wrong about the reds man. They’re one of the best offensive teams in the nl and with development of the younger guys in the back end of that rotation plus the 2 additions. I see them making a playoff run this year

  111. Its going to be weird to see puig in a reds uniform

    • Ikr

  112. The Cardinals will win their division…pitching and hitting. Improved 100%. The Cardinals might even win the National League. The Dodgers literally messed up by letting all those players go.

    • What la is trying to do is build a fresh team because there worried that WS hangover will cost them a few seasons….. I think the cards would beat them tho

  113. As a Mets fan we couldn’t get PUIG really Mets. Because you know they aren’t signing Bryce Harper or Manny

  114. Bryce Harper to the Marlins, Marlins rename themselves the Bears in 4 years. Derek Jeter plays himself in the movie

  115. Honestly i think that Bryce is going back to dc because I don’t think he’ll want 5 years he will want a long term contract.So I think the nationals will give Harper 7-8 years for 250-300 million with either a player or club option

  116. Puig is washed up but as a Cub fan Miller to the Cardinals is unsettling.

  117. Bartolo signs with the Heaven Rankers where he will make 250 million and play every position on the field


  119. Harper is going to the Cardinals

  120. Cards need a backup catcher (everyone says bring Pena back, but I think someone like AJ Ellis/Nick Hundley would work), an emergency starter, and one more bullpen arm (whether it’s Kimbrel if his asking price comes back down to Earth or maybe trade Jose Martinez for another lefty so that we can get rid of Cecil. My pick would be Jose Martinez to the A’s for Ryan Butcher). As much as I want them to get Harper, I think we can all agree at this point he is LA bound. That said, why not go after AJ Pollack and. put him in right. I feel that he would fit in very nicely in that #2 spot in the lineup between Carp and Goldy. Not that I dislike Fowler. I just think Pollack is a better fit.

  121. Hey Marc, I hate to burst your bubble man, the Mets are a 4th place team, 3rd at best. And they sure as hell won’t make a wild card. Don’t get your hopes up

    • They are actually better then you think….

    • Sean Galvin explain to me how the Mets are better than the braves, Phil’s and nats

    • +SuperBruce53 theyre better then the nats but the other 2 no

  122. I’m a dodgers fan I’m glad we might get Harper but I’m going to miss Kemp and Puig

  123. Harper coming to the Phillies

  124. Once again I have to say it, I just don’t see him going to LA. Why not settle for a 8 year/$335 deal in STL!!! Why do so many people think that we don’t have the money or space to add him?

  125. The reds absolutely robbed LA

  126. Im not a huge Dodger fan but I do live in LA so I have some love for the team. Its good that they got rid of Puig. He’s childish and has a nasty pouty attitude. I know Harper is good and all but his attitude is nasty as well. Not really hoping to see that over here at the games.

  127. Who cares about the cardinals

  128. Harper to Dodgers!!!!!!!!

  129. St Louis Cardinals or reds or dodgers or mets

  130. I love trade. The reds will fall in love quick with puig. Watch as he Rams his head into a wall, then smack a 400 hr. Watch as votto shakes his head in disbelief! Red fans will love him.

  131. Dodgers landing harper for sure 1st career hit there magic there

  132. As a reds fan love the reds dodgers trade. They still have a lot of good young prospects and could many land a starter to help compete. Have one of the best offenses in the league. Harper will go to LA!

  133. As a Dodgers fan, Harper is waaaaay overrated. He is mostly hype, with only 2 outstanding seasons (out of 7). NO WAY is he worth anywhere near what his agent is asking for.

    With Corey Seager returning, the Dodgers already have enough firepower on offense.

    A World Series ring will require playoff pitcher with ice in his veins. I would rather they spend money for Madison Bumgarner or Gerrit Cole, after 2019. That would provide a three-headed monster, of starting pitchers.

  134. Better than ESPN

  135. I really don’t think St. Louis needs a starter. They have Waino, C Martinez, Wacha, Flaherty, Mikolas, Gomber and Alex Reyes is coming back. They need a closer. Robertson or Kimbrel could make this team dangerous as hell

    • Not to mention bright stars like Dakota Hudson and Daniel Poncedeleon who were both very good in 2018

  136. Great video again marc.


    Ill eat my own ass if the Dodgers dont sign Harper.

    And fuck it while we here Machado goes to Philly.

  137. Bryce Harper r going to the Chicago cubs

  138. Go dodgers

  139. Harper or dodgers just made the worst move in history

  140. Help me understand this trade……if they don’t get Harper and get outbid by Phillies

  141. Pirates

  142. love the deal. cull the outfield and dump some salary and gain a couple more trade bait pieces. This is just a precursor to some bigger deals coming. ie: Harper? Pollock & Realmuto or Kluber and others? they’re not done. Puig was a headache and isn’t worth the disruptions. He’s the Reds headache now, good luck.

  143. Mets dont have 25 mil to spend?

  144. Dont feel bad for the Cubs at all.

  145. Dodgers unloading trash to add harper and kluber.

  146. Bad trade for the dodgers… to me there isn’t much of a talent difference between wood and bailey I would say bailey only has a little more talent but he’s injury prone… puig is an above average outfielder despite the character that comes with him and kemp is a great bench bat that they’re also losing and puig and wood are also relatively young… I’m not sure how good those prospects were but they better be real good and they better be starting and relief pitching because that is their weak spot rn

  147. Wow. It looks like the Reds are looking to win right away.

  148. If dodgers don’t get Harper that’s 2 FAT Ls for us

  149. Sorta wanted Puig for replacement for Cargo. Dont get me wrong. I want Cargo to stay, but hes getting a bit old and Puig in Coors Fields are just bombs everywhere and the arm also replaces Cargo too.

  150. harper go to the Rockies

  151. Alex Wood is horrible, especially in the playoffs dude gave up a home run every single time he was out there.

  152. I’m a cubs fan…

  153. Great video. I have subscribed to your channel. You speak in a refreshing ‘positive tone’ which i love. You have a new English Fan.

  154. Puig to Reds! Mind officially blown.

  155. Harper to the Dodgers

  156. Dodgers shed a bunch of cap and get a ex first rounder and a second rounder this was a great trade for the dodgers

  157. White sox

  158. Based on this trade Bryce will go to the dodgers

  159. Harper has three teams on his radar… the Phillies first, then the Dodgers, and his safety land will be the Nationals

  160. Dodgers getting Bryce Harper

  161. Maybe The Dodgers can FINALLY win the World Series now.

  162. Really hope Bryce Harper joins John Tavares and Kawhi Leonard; and have another superstar coming to the city of Toronto

  163. I don’t see a crazy upside to -Puig +Harper, Harper has a career 10 point upside on BA and 10 hr give or take more than Puig a season. I dont see what the hoopala is about Harper, dudes hit 300 twice but avg 270…..someone explain the logic???

  164. Haper go giants in 10 years

  165. Homer Bailey lol wow I gave you 3 MLB ready players one could easily be in the MVP last season in Matt Kemp the Dodgers are known to give up players for nothing in return shaking my head we’ll see where this leads to I love your videos keeping up man

  166. Reds Fans: YES WE GOT PUIG AND KEMP

    That One Fan: Weren’t They Part Of A Franchise That Has Lost Two World Series In A Row.

    Reds Fans: YESSS oh…

    What I’m Trying To Say Is

    Reds Are Gonna Be Even Worse Than Last Season

  167. Philly Harper

  168. The Reds are NOT the 5th best team in the Central. Just wait!!

  169. Andrew Miller has been on a slide and decline over the last 2 years. I don’t believe he has taken care of his body and worked with Indian’s coaches on his craft.

  170. Andrew Miller has been on a slide and decline over the last 2 years. I don’t believe he has taken care of his body and worked with Indian’s coaches on his craft the way a multi-million dollar player should.

  171. Why would u scrap ur core down when u made the ws. Just get rid of the over paid players. Puig is a huge asset. It’s fine if u don’t get Harper because u don’t need him. Go for Kimbrel. U have Jansen and no one else

  172. Being a longtime Reds fan I put this trade one of the biggest in Reds history along with the Greg Vaughn & Ken Griffey, Jr. trades from the late 90’s, early 2000’s & this could help the Reds in the long run especially if they get a big time starting pitcher in their rotation to maybe challenge in the NL Central.

  173. So Harper will most likely be a Dodger. Fine, but he won’t have the offensive numbers he would have if he were playing half his games as a Phillie at Citizens Bank Park, a hitter’s paradise and one of his favorite parks to hit in.

  174. nooooo puig looked so good in dodger blue


  176. Don’t the Reds have Luis Castillo too though ?

  177. I rly want the dodgers to not get harper that would be soooo funny

  178. I’m telling you I played against jester downs in high school THIS MAN IS A GOAT

    • hmmm not familiar with jester downs

  179. Why do you have beef with Healy?

    • um what? please explain

    • GiraffeNeckMarc oh on a couple of his vids, I’ve seen you commenting things like “people like you ruin the game” bc he buys all the stubs he wants and “clickbait” on another. Guess I misread it if you guys are just friends joking around, my bad. Btw LOVE UR VIDS

  180. Bryce “Cancer” Harper is Overrated!

  181. Bryce Harper to dodgers then trade Harper for trout

  182. If you are only offering Harper 5 years you are not interested in signing him. Dodgers making 500 million in revenue but desperate to stay under the luxury tax… 250 million in profit isn’t enough? They really need 300 mill in profit that badly?

  183. I think that there is now a 4 way race in the NL Centeral

  184. I would love for the cardinals to sign another top notch bullpen help, and some depth