Yankees reportedly re-sign LHP Zach Britton to three-year deal

New York Yankees

Yankees reportedly re-sign LHP Zach Britton to three-year deal


  1. BAHAHAH! Kay acting like Cessa is an asset. He SUCKS!

  2. Love the resign. Now lets get Otto and Manny.

    • *ottavino. Screw manny

    • “Let’s”??? Jeff, are YOU chipping in?

    • Brent Shira Dont be a smartass

    • Paola Victoria more

  3. We said the same shit last year. Still need starting pitching

    • paxton sucks there starting rotation is ass its terrible i cant believe u think this rotation is great its not even good the red sox Astros indians dodgers nationals mets all have a better toation then yankees +Ryan B

    • Michael Caputo astros? Red sox? Lol. The astros just lost mcCullers, Dallas and Morton and haven’t gotten anymore pitching this offseason and the red sox, apart from Sale, their rotation isn’t that great either. And who cares if the indians and mets have better rotations if obviously they aren’t contenders anyway….

    • Derek Holland might be a good pickup Incase CC is injured again

    • What are you talking about? From a health standpoint? Because you cant be possibly tallking about talent. They have at least 3 very solid starters that would we number 1s or 2s on more than half the teams in baseball. Last years staff was a top 5 AL staff…Happ and Tanaka are at worst Numbers 3s on probably 25 teams in the league. I can name 20 teams Tanaka is at worst a 2.

  4. Everyone had a hardon last season about our bull pen and we were slaughtered in the post season

    • carter316 only 1 game in playoffs we were slaughtered the 16-1 game.

    • Only Betances stepped up in the 2018 postseason (bullpen).

  5. get Ottavino next we are not getting Manny that ship has sailed the sooner Yankees fans like myself realize that the better off our minds will be. CHW are serious i believe they get Manny Tulo is our SS until Didi comes back. if he goes down the Yankees will get someone else. Manny wants his money and the fantasy offer of 5 yrs the NYY are willing to offer isn’t going to cut it.

    • I don’t think Manny goes to the CHW I think Manny signs a 6yr deal with an opt out in his age 29,30 season. The days of 10 year contracts are over

    • I thought the Yankees offered Manny 7 yrs. Regardless I don’t want him. Andujar’s D will get better and he put up basically identical numbers to Machado at the dish last season.

    • Tulo sucks. They won’t make the fuckin playoffs if he’s the starter

    • John Pestano didn’t Tulowitzki say that it would be nice for Machado to come to Yankees?

  6. Great 40 mill down the drain

  7. so what zach was a yankee last year, now stop being blinded by this crap this is not news. now go sign HARPER AND MACHADO THAT WILL BE NEWS FIRE ROTHSCHILD THATS NEWS not this weak crap

    • +Edward Baladinakis we already have enough big bats. Big bats ain’t the issue. They should focus less on “big bats” and “big name players” and go more for consistensy. If they really wanted another outfielder well there were way better options than harper. For example, michael brantley but it’s typical for the yankees to always want to be the super big spenders with the super big names and that doesn’t work out always…

    • +Paola Victoria the inconsistentcies in the playoffs is the worst.

    • +Paola Victoria I think Harper would make a difference, big one very big

    • +Edward Baladinakis harper is like another stanton. A home run or nothing type of player. We don’t need 2 of those.

    • +Paola Victoria Harper has better numbers then Machado the YANKEES really need Harper more the Machado

  8. NOICE!

  9. I don’t understand how they’re “short” on starting pitching?? sevy, tanaka, happ, paxton, sabathia? sonny gray trade still pending

    • Sabathia sucks. Not one ace

    • Eric D I agree 100% all our starters need to improve big time and we can trade Sonny for whatever

    • +naturalselector85 agreed but that’s not going to change anything, he’s going to waste a 5 hole no matter what

    • Eric D Do you agree Jordan Montgomery will be the ace if he comes back healthy? He was great when he pitched a full season and could always be trusted

  10. I’d rather get Harper than machado

    • Mr jooj THANK YOU

    • Same

  11. irresponsible by the front office to resign cc, who is barely a 5th starter without the surgery he had and then all of a sudden back track on trading gray bc he would be backup if cc isnt healthy…should have traded/signed another starter

    • Really? CC was one of the best starters they had last season when healthy. The last 3 seasons he has lowered his ERA. He has figured out how to pitch with diminished velocity. Besides he’s a great clubhouse guy. Really good for the young players to have a vet like him to lean on.

    • Eric D sabathia sucks. Who gives a fuck about clubhouse bullshit? Hasn’t gotten them a ring in a decade

  12. Cashman biggest gamble as GM zach is

  13. Hypothetically does anyone like Andujar on first?

    • Got Voit for 1st. Maybe a platoon with Bird if Bird can prove he wasn’t a total bust.

    • no. dh

    • Andujar had better fielding numbers this year than beltre did his rookie season. Just have a rod work with andujar. The last thing they should do is give him up though. He’s their 2nd best hitter.

  14. +Nick Kurtz Bird had 2 years to manny to prove himself trade him for pitching and sign Harper

  15. +Nick Kurtz Tyler Austin was better then Bird

  16. Edward Baladinakis i could agree with that BUT If they don’t sign Harper then you have to keep Bird and give him 1 last chance but I want Harper BADLY!!! PROVEN lefty power hittdr

  17. +Nick Kurtz I 100 percent agree with you on HARPER

  18. yankees will not go anywhere with that rotation and without adding manny its something how yankee fans using the big excuse that we were 1 game away from world series 2 years ago and that they won 100 games last year did they win the world series no and plus there bullpen was the best last year did it mean anything they sucked in the playoffs and got eliminated in the first round so why are people so high on this team its the same team as last year and there offseason has been a big joke Machado would be the best thing that happened to them if it happens and i hope it does there rotation sucks paxton always gets hurt and he sucks in big games he has never pitched in the playoffs cc just got heart surgery plus he’s too old sonny gray sucks in new york Sevy turned out to be a big let down in the 2nd half of the season last year and he sucks in playoffs Happ is another one he’s too old so who do u have tanaka is the only good pitcher in playoffs and he has a torn albow plus we dont hit with RISP ever and our defense sucks we def need manny plus our bullpen is good but he sucked in the playoffs in big spots our starting pitching can’t go more then 3 innings and plus we didnt trade sonny gray so so much for our offseason its D in rating

    • Sorry to break it to ya pal but machado is Philly bound

    • and how is that ? philly is offering him the same deal as the the yankees and white sox so why would he choose philly plus philly sucks +joe mama

    • +Michael Caputo wrong. Reports say yankees wont even go 200 million. So manny Machado not signing for that amount

    • your going by bobnightgale because he’s wrong yankee s will offer him 220 -270+joe mama

  19. our offseason CC GARDY PAXTON BRITTON AND HAPP AND TULO ITS NOT GREAT OFFSEASON OR NOT EVEN A GOOD ONE ITS RATED A D FAIL if they dont get manny then there season is a complete failure

  20. Keep Pickles in the bullpen for road games.

  21. What the fuck is Kay wearing? Did he raid an 80-year-old woman’s closet?

  22. historic bullpen. they said that with andrew miller. didnt meant shit

  23. Wildcard and out. Need one more stud starter. Tanaka not that great. Hopefully Sevvy does well. God forbid somebody gets hurt they have no depth in starting pitching. If rotation stays healthy maybe get wildcard. They knew the number 1 priority was starters and all they got was paxson. Who cares about machado’s or harper we got enough he hitters on roster that can whiff. Keep andujar he was 1 of a few bright spots last year and is better than both those guys. Probably should make green starter he is way better than sonny and cc at this point. Were already either leading or very high in every offensive category. Teams with bad pitching lose real fast in the playoffs period.

  24. What nah David Rob was better is better than what this dude did for us last year .

  25. “One of the best bullpens ever assembled” Basically having the same bullpen but swapping Robertson for Otto, if they sign him. That got us very far this postseason, and the one prior, when the Yankees couldn’t score when it mattered. Two straight years a bullpen was wasted because of a lack of timely hitting, and starters having bad outings. Kay tries to spin anything into a positive.

  26. Yankees aren’t going anywhere with their all or nothing at all offense. There’s a reason Boston last year and the Yankee teams from then 90’s won both had multi dimensional hitting. Till the Yanks get back to that they ain’t going no where