San Francisco Giants pitcher Derek Holland surprises young WWE fans: Raw Exclusive, Jan. 28, 2019

San Francisco Giants

San Francisco Giants pitcher Derek Holland surprises young WWE fans: Raw Exclusive, Jan. 28, 2019


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  3. First comment WWE universe like me

    • Ew

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  6. Seth Rollins is overrated

    • TimonLow how so?

    • TimonLow yay now your already sooking

    • But he’s Seth Freakin’ Rollins! The only overrated superstar is Roman Reigns! For real tho, get well soon, Big Dog!

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  8. 49th wow

  9. Who wants Wytt Family reunion

    • Knight Gaming Fix your spelling first

    • Unrelatable comment, but you know what, it’s a WWE comment! I do want a Wyatt Family reunion!

  10. I wish Brock gave this loser an F5

  11. Dutch oven!! Wish he was still a ranger

    • Same here

  12. 46 viewer

  13. Bay Area. Go Giants baby!

    • Damn right!

  14. Who is he

  15. Nothing better than giants baseball

  16. he was good in texas

  17. Who is this giant gerbil

  18. Who’s a Giants fan???

    • Die hard fan here!

    • +Certified G interesting you like sf giants and Miami Heat

    • Me

  19. Thanks, Derek!

  20. why you alienating your overseas fans with this garbage for. this is a worthless video of a nobody hardly anyone in their right mind would know! NOT EVERYONE WATCHES BASEBALL.. this is WWE we watch WWE for Wrestling Superstars not for Major Leagues Bums!!

    • ScibFilms2 I love baseball and watch it everyday if the season, he is a household name in the baseball world

    • +cj james makes sense but the rest of the world barely watches your pass time game. and thus not know him at all. im australian, and if i was american or canadian or irish or any other country i wouldnt want to see a Australian Football League player be on the wrestling show because i have no clue who he is. and tbh i wouldnt want to see him either coz i watch wwe because its wwe, i dont watch wwe to see celebrities.

    • You don’t watch America sports like nba or nfl

    • ScibFilms2 the other side of a WWE Network and friends and family are doing well and enjoying your day of assistant to the other wwe smackDown Tuesday or another I will get back tomorrow

  21. Matt riddle on raw? Already

  22. I have a new favorite baseball player!

    • Damn right dude! He better be your favorite! He is my favorite player on my favorite team!

    • Jk bro! Be a fan of whoever!

    • +Certified G I am a Reds fan so I do not have much to choose from, lol.

    • +Tinkidink
      What if Dean Ambrose was a fan of the Reds too? Lol

  23. Seth won wrestlemania 35

    • No

  24. Derek Holland

  25. Good guy

  26. NBA MIXES Virgin

  27. This is awesome

  28. wwe is awesome

  29. dutch holland

  30. He broke the fourth wall by saying wrestlers

  31. Idk why I thought this was Sean Lee in the thumbnail

  32. +Master Smash lol


  34. Who are u?

    • Whaddya mean? He’s the player on my favorite team, the San Francisco Giants! He is Derek Freakin’ Holland!

  35. Holland is awesome

  36. Holland needs to be Giants MVP!

  37. Giants fan right here, fam!!

  38. Derrick Holland born 10 9 1986 2 days after Celeste bonin

  39. What a cook guy

  40. This comment has nothing to do with WWE! DISLIKE!!

  41. I love the GIANTS!!!!

  42. Dutch oven

  43. The fact that this man is wearing a mr. Rogers shirt tells you he’s passionate about kids and helping them and making them happy props to this guy

  44. Wha ? Who ??

  45. I wish Holland still pitched for my Texas Rangers!!!!!

    • Same

    • Still representing Dallas with that 214 hat

    • TX Hunter me too man

  46. Fortnite? More like *Fart*nite

  47. This is why I wanna be a pro wrestler, I wanna inspire others to be great

  48. What an amazing dude! Good for you man! I absolutely love your generosity and huge heart! Spread the love not the hate! We need more people like you in the world!

  49. Aww that good deed even though I’m a Yankees fan I just gain respect for him.

  50. If I like the video, then I’ll like the video, not your comment, fuckface.

  51. Derek is a great guy

  52. I thought it was Pete Dunne


  54. My boi Holland is a wwe fan I didn’t know he was

  55. who is this WRESTLER?

    • Ellis Davey he’s a pitcher in the mlb he hasn’t been playing in a while so he’s a great guy I like him he play for the San Francisco giants but I’m a Texas rangers fan

  56. Nice guy.

  57. Alex Shelley?

  58. I Still love madBUM better

  59. I can’t imagine Madison Bumgarner doing this…

  60. Sf giants 2019 world series champions

  61. Who?

  62. Who is he ?

  63. I actually thought that was Chris Sabin in the thumbnail at first glance

  64. He looks like Adam Sandler in the thumbnail.

  65. Oh yeah yeah

  66. Cubs fan here but he has all my respect.

  67. What a good guy.

  68. WHO !!!!! WHO!!!!!!! WHO!!!!!!!

  69. I thought it was Aaron Taylor Johnson in the thumbnail

  70. Who?

  71. WWE got the best fans.

  72. I thought it was faze banks when i saw thumbnail 😀

  73. I am go to be next …. from INDIA

    • Bhai tou cwe he join kar bhai dubey ji bana gay tou

  74. Im not a giants fan but this dude is great

  75. Who?

  76. He looks like faze banks

  77. did this guy know wwe was scripted??????????????????? lol

  78. Can I have a belt….

  79. Texas Rangers legend

  80. He plays for my baseball team. Well done Dutch!

  81. Who

  82. This is awesome!

  83. As a life long New York Mets fan nothing but respect for what he’s all about….

  84. So will the giants be contenders this year?

  85. You are a real GENTLE MAN. GOD Bless you for what you are doing for the you fans,

  86. Goodjob wwe you lost ambrose who will help indies grow

  87. I thought he was Angelico

  88. Why was he in Phoenix?

  89. Can you tell your Giants to trade Bumgarner to my Yankees already?

  90. Holland is a really good guy. Happy that he bounced back last year after a few rough seasons.

  91. I thought he was Faze banks