Future Giant Kyler Murray commits to the NFL! + Yankees Rant

New York Yankees

Future Giant Kyler Murray commits to the NFL! + Yankees Rant


  1. I get into my feelings about my Yankees not signing machado and/or Harper towards the end of the video lol i couldnt help it
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    • My prediction is that he will replace Eli and like you said Fisk they’re gonna own all of their division rivals because now they have a quarterback who not old

    • fisk I highly doubt kyler will go to Denver b/c Elway like those quaterbacks that are 6’4-6’6 like flacco,foles, and manning so if he did draft a quarterback it would be lock

    • Yanks getting machado anyways but now I heard Red Sox may going for Harper for one year deal if Kimbrel is out.

  2. Keep pumping out the videos Fisk! Love your content!

  3. I guess 5’8 3/4 175 lbs is the new thing for NFL QBs. Murray had one good year at OU. The NFL is a beast with guys twice his size coming at him. He’ll find out but good luck.

    • +Sharrieff Muhammad I live in Allen,Texas pal. My son played 3 years with him in High school and I’ve met him up close and personal several times. Kyler is a TALENTED and is a wonderful kid but he’s small and SHORT in stature. His “true” measurements will become clear at the NFL combine.

    • Kras 4 yea so a kid that was 15-18 could not grow anymore do u know males don’t stop growing till there 22 so much for what you are talking about and Ik Kyler too so don’t lecture me about his height when I know what his height is

    • +Sharrieff Muhammad sure you do.

    • Kras 4 I mean u don’t have to believe me Texas is a big ass state and he went to the state championship many times and I been around football my whole life and my dad was a scout so I met many players in my life so u don’t have to believe me but just know I have

    • +The Sentinel Like Rodgers,Alex Smith,Pornstar Jimmy,Andy Dalton or Cam Newton???
      Why all getting hurt if its pussy NFL?

  4. Trade… Video.

  5. I can’t knock u for loving ur team go red Sox

  6. Great point

  7. Last Yankees losing season was 1992 but that was when buck showalter was a rookie manager so whatever. And the last losing season with a non losing record was 1991 with stump Merrill managing in the Bronx

  8. Good job on video

  9. , I think the Guants are going to draft Dwayne Haskins

    • Tim giants

  10. Gotta fix this defense

  11. Haskins and Murray both retards coming out. Fuck them both. Because of them they got Giant fans blind over them when we should be getting defense and OL.

  12. fisk if you really wanna know why they’re really not in on machado is that hank/hal aren’t aggressive to get that star like their dad. think of it this way how come the yankess haven’t got a fronline starter in their rotation like cole,sale, or bumgarner because the last summer when boston was running away with the division there were a lot of uncertainty of who would start the wild card game.

  13. Sorry Fisk, Haskins seems like a better fit.

  14. I heard Pat Shurmur has a son named Kyle Shurmur who is going to the nfl combine.

  15. the negatives that they say about him is his height. critics are saying he is too short to play qb in the nfl

    • +LowLip McGee unfortunately he is 5’10. i like russell wilson so i think that height shit is bullcrap.

  16. You want this shrimp Quarterbackin your squad? Good luck!

    • Shrimp? Lol he only one or two inches shorter than brees wilson and baker Mayfield. I dont see how 1 inch can make or break u as a QB

    • +LowLip McGee Russel Wilson is a strong dude…Brees is smart and Baker has to prove that he’s good and smart enough in his second year trust me Burfict,Suggs and TJ Watt are coming

    • +Jochen Stern ummm ok??? What does that have to do with kyler murray and his height and whether he will be a successful QB or not??

  17. Lay off mitch fam!


  19. Fisk, its all about Haskins. Murray is too short and needs way more muscle mass. 180 pound qb is gonna get hurt.

  20. A small ass qb with the worst o line in football?? Nahh mann Haskins is the way to go

    • Exactly

  21. I say if ya the giants go for it and pick him

  22. 1st of all im gonna say that i dont think height matters all that much. These Olinemen are anywhere from 6’3 – 6’10. In college and the nfl. Not only did he prove that he can be a successful passer in college being 5’10 but Brees, Russ, and Baker aint lookin over linemens’ heads either. Plus he has quick feet so he can move around in the pocket and find the passing lanes.
    2nd, I think he has the potential to set the league on fire. Not as well as patrick mahomes but probably more than RG3 coming out. Hes dynamic and explosive.
    Could the Giants use him? Sure. Almost any team could. But will they take him?? Im leaning towards No. He just doesnt seem like a “Giant” type of player to me. Hes not the kind of player they typically go for. The Giants’ draft picks are always more safe than anything. They want the sure thing. Thats why i think theyll rather have Haskins than take what is seen as somewhat of a risk with Murray.
    So what team could he land on? We dont know what Gruden will do, the Redskins might just try to rewrite that RG3 story, the Dolphins also want to make a splash, The Jaguars kno they need some excitement to bring that team back together. I think those 4 teams have a better chance of taking him than anyone else

  23. I wish him All the luck in the world but, just stay the hell away from my Giants.

  24. Rushing QBs dont last

    Our giants dont have the strongest of o lines or stout pass protection group

    Kyler will be too busy running and escaping and NOT looking downfield

    This is the NFL

    Where guys are just as fast and 2 or 3x bigger.

    I just see kyler making people miss here n there. But he isn’t Barkley escapability. Nor even R Wilson type he isn’t that guy

    Best OL in college so running lanes and space was there for him to work. The NFL makes all that go away

    Haskins is safer smarter reads defenses every play and can stand tall in the pocket

    Haskins is pro ready
    Kyler is backyard football

    Dynamic but too risky. He could rg3 bust

    I get the business angle around kyler Murray but it’s not happening unless he goes to a perfect situation with everything around him

    Kyler isn’t the guy to carry a franchise. Hes just a dynamic spark player

    Combine is coming