LeBron will never be great like Kobe, he’s not consistent enough —Jack Flaherty | FAIR GAME

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LeBron will never be great like Kobe, he’s not consistent enough —Jack Flaherty | FAIR GAME


  1. First

  2. Going to the finals 8 straight time is impressive but lebron never been able to get a championship without another closer I think that’s why a lot of people say Kobe better Kobe took it upon himself to close out the series and went against some really good teams with not a lot of help

    • No…he gives up been doing that since before leaving Cleveland the first time. He is just a stat collector

    • FACTS..if you look at the lakers this season..they been in sooo many 4th quarter games where they been tied and lebron just gets weaker down the stretch when it becomes a tight half court game..he is gonna hoist up long 3s and hope they go in because he scared of going to the hole and getting fouled..smh..he is a wuss under pressure..period..well he is couragous sometimes.but he usually gets tighter under pressure

    • Not with alot of help?? Lmao you’re a clown

    • LoL, and Kobe fans NEVER bring up Shaq. Sooooo much disrespect. You wanna mention “closer” but totally evade Shaq during the first 3 rings. Shaq was no “Help” for Kobe, the man DOMINATED the NBA, and Kobe was Kobe. Don’t mention Lebron needing anything unless you’re willing to acknowledge that Kobe had the most dominant center since Wilt. So much denial going on with Kobe fans.

    • Lebron is great but he dont have a killer instinct like kobe and jordan did

  3. dude being interviewed needs to be drug tested

  4. LeBum should’ve chose the Clippers, LAL already has too many Legends

    • U couldn’t have said it better

    • 1An OnlyJDaGoat they ain’t gone hang his jersey in lal no way.

  5. This dude is stoned asf lmfao

  6. I have more respect for guys when they immediately start hustling to first soon as the ball leaves the bat then anything else. However guys like Manny Ramirez did make standing and watching it sail look cool AF lol.

  7. Somehow she managed to to bring LeBron’s name up in a conversation with a ⚾ player. Why should I not be surprised!

    • Chosen Uno well the guy is from LA, his current number is 32 and she may have researched that he may not have a liking to Lebron being in LA

  8. Does she ever interview women?

    • Naw she’s trying to get some sausage

  9. 8 Finals Back 2 Back

    • On the weak eastern conference that’s why

  10. Clap

  11. She got it out for LeBron

  12. Finally she got some kind of white chocolate on.

  13. If this dude don’t stick to baseball and stfu lol

  14. He’s mixed.so we took him in the race draft and y’all took the Rock.

  15. If folks still think Kobe is better than LeBron, they don’t need to be taken seriously when it comes to basketball debates. Lebron been better than Kobe, it ain’t that close anymore.

  16. I’m convinced them Kobe fans delusional, facts don’t mean anything to them.

    • No, it’s that statistics are subject to scrutiny

    • Huh??

  17. Lebron not Consistent ?????? I think even Skip Bayless would not go this far

  18. Just cum to see what my wife is wearing lol. Who os he again

    • No f’in clue lmao.

  19. Dude is canceled no doubt

  20. The funny thing is Kobe fans act like Lebron fans are over obsessed about Lebron. Seriously young bucks, take it from a guy that was a kid when the “Showtime Lakers” was in action, and the Lakers had to move on from Magic, so you guys have to move on from Kobe. Kobe is NOT more accomplished than Magic in terms of Laker Legacy. You need to move on, guys. You’re acting like an obsessed Ex.

    • I think the issue is people try to overlook Kobe. Which is ridiculous. I know you feel a certain when people say stuff like “Who is the greatest Laker Kobe or Shaq?” and literally just overlook Magic and Kareem. Kobe fans are doing EXACTLY what you are doing right now. Saying wait a minute let’s not forget how good he was. Like you are saying let’s not forget how good Magic was.

  21. This guys alright in my book

  22. Kobe played with Shaq another top 5 greatest player of all time. The topic shouldn’t even be discussed if you put it that way.

  23. Bs, home run is home run everyone should celebrate whenever they hit a hm run, its sports, it should be fun. Tired of this pro saying there is a rule when it comes to celebration.

  24. Big facts Jack….


  26. This guy is a fool

  27. LeBron’s already surpassed Kobe. Rings or titles doesn’t make you better. Album sales doesn’t make you the greatest. He’s a fool

  28. Amen about the lebron comment

  29. LeBron not as consistent as Kobe? I can’t take this guy serious. That was comedy!

    • Did you even watch the video? He specifically talks about consistent killer instinct and having that “dog” in him.

    • All puppy..

    • I can guarantee lebron doesn’t have a losing mentality. So to say kobe is more consistent than him when lebron has only had one losing season ever and that was his rookie year. Lebrons been to 8 straight finals. But I guess that’s not consistently wining

    • TUBESTEAKNIG did you watch it he said the consistency of wanting to win as well and Kobe hasn’t won more consistently than lebron 8 straight finals bud

    • You clearly didn’t watch the video or you just lack basic comprehension skills. He wasn’t referring to consistency in winning games.

    • Ben2bwild ok genius so how does LeBron not have that I want to beat you mentality?

    • Ben2bwild please explain

    • +Jalen Robertson go back and listen dummy. He explains it perfectly. If you weren’t such a LeBron sycophant, you would understand. It’s the same reason why many nba players (past and present) always pick MJ and Kobe over LeBron. It’s mostly kids and media personalities that never played the game that thinks LeBron is the GOAT

    • Ben2bwild lebron isn’t the goat MJ is but lebron is better than Kobe and you don’t make 8 straight finals unless you have a consistent mentality to win a dog mentality so again what he said doesn’t apply

  30. Bron-Bron doesn’t need to prove anything else…..He won a championship in Cleveland!!! #NUFFSAID

    • So what?

  31. Baseball has too many “unwritten rules” J/S

  32. How many years was Kobe actually the best player in the entire league? Not as many as Lebron…

    • Kobe was blackballed for a portion of his career.. don’t ever get it twisted. Who could win 2 championships with a broken finger on thier shooting hand?? LeBron can’t even play off the ball, no post up game that’s why he’s fucking up our team chemistry. The old man is losing his legs too. Let’s not talk about his weak ass killer instinct.

  33. 27 8 8 for a career

  34. +Jo Love Hahaha

  35. Lbj should of stayed with the cavs & the east lol welcome 2 the west

    • NoCap 757 he was hurt for over 2 weeks and when he wasn’t his team was a 3 seed and starting to get some chemistry then magic did his AD trade shit but that welcome 2 the west shit is overrated besides golden state

    • +Bryce Coulter Nah lol, welcome to the West. Besides the fact that he got hurt. Its a whole other ball game. And he learning that.

    • Joshua White or? now or, we can go by what some people (who actually understand) that lebron is always a huge piece of his team and once he needs rest or gets hurt, his team is ass but he chose to go to LA and its his fault tbh

    • +Bryce Coulter I agree. But in the East honestly they wouldn’t have dropped so low. That team last year for the Cavs was WORST. They made it to the finals.

    • Joshua White but im done arguing with you now ill just save my time and not respond to you as well so good day to you sir

    • +Bryce Coulter I’m not arguing with you. I’m not trying to persuade you that I’m right. I’m just stating my opinion. I don’t care what you think lol. Peace man. Have a good day

    • +Joshua White “wouldn’t have dropped so low in the east”?? Cleveland was in the finals the last 4 years , they aren’t anywhere near a playoff team right now. Bron makes his teams better. They struggle without him, conference has nothing to do with that.

    • +Nate What I mean is in the east the 6th seed is 29-29. The Lakers are 28-28 and are a 10th seed in the West. The East and the West are different. In the East he can go out then will his team back into a playoff position because…the 6th seed is 29 and 29. The conference isn’t that strong based off the records alone. But in the west its more difficult. It won’t be so easy because mostly every team is above .500, and they probably will continue to win or get better.

  36. IMO: Kobe played with the cards he was dealt. He didn’t try to recruit players into joining him. He didn’t switch teams although he did admit to considering signing with the Bulls during the Shaq drama. BUT HE STAYED TRUE, PURPLE & GOLD. And he won championships with Gasol, Fisher & Smush Parker lol.

  37. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 he’s actually half black. Lol

  38. Jack Flaherty?

    Who he play for?


  40. LeBron and prime Shaq imagine how many chips Bron would have

  41. LeBron is not even top 5 all time. Russell, MJ, Magic, Bird, Kareem.

    • King Trawal He better then magic

    • King Trawal I’m taking Wilt over Kareem.

    • +King Trawal Tom Brady has gotten beat by Nick Foles, a back up QB, and Eli Manning twice….but folks call him the Goat….

    • Male Too Wavey You can’t be better than magic and be 3 and 6 in the finals. Also, know how close he was to be 2 and 7 in the finals?

    • Antonio Georges he’s 3 and 6 tho. Can’t talk hypothetically about a ring he already won.

    • Calvin Browder You’re missing the point of the reply, he is not better than Magic when you’re 3 and 6 in the finals.

    • lol Bird? really ?

  42. why do you guys disrespect this woman like that

  43. Did Stevie Wonder part her hair?

  44. Both of them need to stfu…

  45. If kobe is great and consistent why did he shoot like 44% over his career?

    • For someone who shot as much as Kobe did, 44% is pretty damn good. And most of those shots were in the mid range and parimeter

  46. Weird, I feel the exact same way he does about Lebron

  47. Wtf kobe had shaq, then couldn’t win without shaq, then gasol saved him. He missed the playoffs in his prime, blew a 3-1 lead, dropped the people’s elbow on players, for his 5th rings down 3-2 he injures perkins. Kobe was the major reason the lakers lost to the pistons that had no stars. He lost to the mavs after going back to back and then lost to kd. Dudes a loser and has been consistently trash.

  48. LeBron be blessing folks with mentions and clicks.

  49. Lot of Lebron fans hurt in here lol (and yes I’m a fan and a realist). Like everybody been saying from the beginning…when he comes to the West he WILL NOT be doing the stuff he did in the East. Now look at his team barely in the playoff hunt. Not even in the playoffs, and probably won’t make it.

  50. Kristine is orgasmic for bringing somebody on the show to criticize bron. Bron must have turn Kristine down from giving her the D because she really hates him.

  51. Nothing wrong here people keep it moving

  52. Jack’s an absolute baller who basically won me my fantasy league. Happy to see him get recognition

  53. You are a baseball player, not even an all around athlete, stay in your lane. A above average baseball player gets to judge HOF athletes in different sports, lmao!

  54. keeping it real

  55. LeBron is consistent lol

  56. Hell ya! This guy knows b-ball. Long live the mamba!

  57. Bron better then kobe

  58. Next on Not White

  59. The lasts 8 nba finals isn’t consistency

  60. I agree with him every since the very first trade Lebron has not played the same

  61. Like this guy Yanks should trade for him

  62. You will NEVER justify 6 finals losses while creating multiple super teams and playing in a trash ass conference.

    Lebron ain’t even top 5. Too many stains on his resume!!

  63. I agree jack flasherty whoever the hell u are lol

  64. Can someone tell Leahy to get naked or grfoh

  65. Oh shit it’s Flahrety the cardinals pitcher lol I know him from last year. Decent pitcher

  66. Look how happy Lebron is being 3-6 in the finals and lose 3 titles to one team. Kobe would be miserable right now

  67. Lebron has soft in him Kobe doesn’t

    • TheIGGod
      Yup that’s what pisses me off about him most. Yea 2016 was a amazing win but wtf gsw won the next 2 so what’s that now

  68. The point of NBA basketball is to win NBA championships.

  69. Who the FOOK is that guy?

  70. Dry MouF sometimes people get the short end of the stick. rings don’t define a player to me.

    i.e. – Darko Miličić got a ring, and Charles Barkley, John Stockton, Karl Malone don’t.

  71. He’s RIGHT Lebron just doesn’t have that dog in him he plays the game the right way but he can never be true GOAT in my eyes it goes Michael, Kobe and then Lebron

  72. How the hell is Lebron not consistent? He is the epitome of consistency.

  73. I wish Lebron Never came to the Lakers! I’d trade him Right Now just to get him AWAY from my team! Kobe Bryant is Greatest & Lebron can’t shine his shoes!

  74. I’m sorry people I totally agree with this guy! Lebron is just a marketing untalented, forced product of the NBA, now is too late to ask for all the years of money wasted on Lebron James,he will never be a greatest like MJ,Kobe, or the players from the 90s

    • Untalented? Wtf are you talking about. Saying he is the goat is one thing but untalented, smh


    • pablo areas bro you are one stupid mf and it’s embarrassing of the comment you made and the face that he’s 23 let’s me know that he don’t know shit about basketball that’s him being brainwashed by his family and peers because he never saw Kobe in his prime lol

    • If You don’t preach

  75. Here you go again, picking a bench player that wins a ring and compare it to hofm like malone and barkley. Lebron is the MAIN guy. Losing 3 out of 7 is unacceptable.

  76. Not surprising he was a Kobe fan not a Lakers fan

  77. The tobacco this dork being chewing has rotten his brain. Stfu dude

  78. i deep inside her-Lebron

  79. Is she finally bringing white dudes on too now, cool

  80. He’s 23 Lebron took a team to the finals by that age

  81. 5:48 I agree with him.

  82. Shut up and pitch!!

  83. Fake woman. Faded. Very dangerous.

  84. he just hates the fact that people put LeBron over Kobe let’s be 93+7

    • Never heard that from a nba LEGION lol

  85. BIG FACTS on that Kobe part

  86. You both are Lebron Haters!!!


  87. You’re very obsessed about lebron james leave him alone. Danm leave the king always lebron danm u re thirtyf””””””k

  88. “He is not consistent enough” LMAO.. LeBron is the best player in the world for more than a decade. Kobe was never the best player in the league. Kobe lead the NBA in all time bricks.

  89. Big facts no cap

  90. Lmao. LeBron close to breaking. Abul jabbar record in nba scoring the holy grail of the NBA.. I seen LeBron play when he was young. He is way better than Kobe. Kobe a lot of flash and ego. That how he push himself, not hating. This dude talk about consistency. Man I laugh at that, he took the Cavs to NBA title. The useless Cavs. He didn’t have a loaded Laker team or etc. Last


    Kobe is not better than LeBron. rings mean nothing. LeBron would dominate in every era. Kobe would be cut in 50s, 70s and 80 era NBA, Kobe got in league at the right time, he is. Not all era type of player. Trust me.


  91. He might be right.

  92. He’s just a BIG Kobe fan, nothing else! Cool your jets guys. Innocent commits.

  93. Let It Rain I don’t define no player by rings

  94. Richard Vila lol who raised you? get that hate out your heart.

  95. 9 finals in the historically weak East. Still impressive.

  96. What if Lebron missed playoffs multiple times in his prime we would kill him …..Kobe did plenty times

    • marquise hamilton Kobe had a horrible team and was playing in the Western Conferwhich was much better than the Eastern Conference that time. And Kobe only missed the playoffs once during his prime in 2005 when he had that wack team and he had an ankle injury that took him out the remainder of the season.

  97. If this guy thinks Kobe is better than Bron than that’s understandable but his reason being consistency doesn’t make sense. Kobe took just 3 shots in a game 7 against the Suns and lost. Yes, just 3 shots. Nothing is consistent about that shit. Especially from one of the greatest scorers the league has ever seen

  98. Who tf is this guy??? And this bish is a hater to the extreme.. Lebron doesn’t have that dog? Lol ask all the teams he’s owned.. tf ru even talking about

  99. Noel DiMaggio Jr lol

  100. All Laker Fans feel the same way ur not alone

    • Mj feels the same way & all the nba peers from 96 til now feels the same way

  101. Soulja Boy: Kinda the MANNNN

  102. He just got a new fan. I feel letter for letter, word for word…exactly how he feels about LeBron

  103. Can y’all let it go he’s better than Kobe lol

    • @ LOSING

    • Nah better period

  104. How does lebron come up on a baseball segment??? This show is so weak. I don’t even know more than half of her guests. This show is UNINTERESTING!!!

  105. 5:40 is why you clicked

  106. Fail.

  107. This young guy, Flaherty said it all, and got it right. Skip Bayless has been pointing this out about Lebron for years now. Lebron, with his talent, had one third of Jordan’s or Kobe’s Dog, in him, he would have had at least seven championships in the NBA; passing Michael and still going. There would be no argument as to who is the GOAT. But, he’s a lazy sour puss. And, even if he had seven rings, that sweep by the Warriors would still have nullified his chances at the honor. Jordan has six rings with one team. Kobe has five rings with one team. Lebron can barely win four with three different teams. If Phil Jackson was still coaching the Lakers right now , he might win number four, and maybe even number five. But, Oh! I forgot, he doesn’t like Phil. And Phil Jackson certainly does not like Lebron, and for good reason.


    • plus, when Leflops team win, he gets all the glory. When they lose, it’s everybody else’s fault. That’s why people like Kyrie aint tryin to play with him…too exhausting…case in point the Warriors. Hella alpha heads who aint trippn playin for each other cuz they aint about that glory, they about the W and the ships…while Leflop out here talkn bout, “Im the goat”

  108. Who is this downer guy? He’s negative in my opinion. Like who is he? You may not like LeBron, and never needs you to. A person who has made it to a professional sport still should give him his props off and on the court.

  109. He gave his opinion. Nothing wrong with that. People listen to sports casters everyday giving their opinions on professional athletes and never even played sports in their life. And people listen to that shit. This young man is a professional athlete. Does not have to play basketball, but is good enough to play at the pro level. How many sport announcers can say that.

  110. Can’t say never because LeBron is still playing and therefore still has the time to do something amazing…

  111. Lefraud sucks

  112. so 8 straight finals not consistent huh?

  113. Lebron is not consistent lol? Well let’s look at the stated lebron is above average in points rebounds and assists the 3 most looked at states. Compare kobe’s states to lebron and not just points because we all know Kobe and mj were ball hogs just look at there field goal attempts. Some might be able to argue that because lebron doesn have atleast 5 rings like Kobe that Kobe is better but no one can say Kobe was a all around better player then lebron.

    • What do you play for = to win
      All around game he can play all positions which I’ve never seen but it’s a team game if lebum let those play there position instead of wanting all the shine maybe he’d have s better winning %

    • +Madd Money the same can be said about Jordan and Kobe. There is 4 other players on the court at the same time. No where does the rules say that the star player can only shoot or role players can only shoot so many times a game. Hell if u gave half of the NBA players right now the green like to shoot as much as Jordan and Kobe they would be stars to. If u dont think so then ur just a fool to thr system. Everything is based on popularity

    • +Madd Money and I doubt that Jordan or Kobe care about winning of they had to give up there millions


  114. Who is this clown

  115. This dude is going to win a couple of CY YOUNGS before the end of his career, mark my words dude is going to be a beast!

  116. LeBron has never played in a system that did not allow him to play team ball..he plays his way

  117. lmfao things Lebron has averaged over his career that are better than Kobe (16 seasons is a long time): more ppg, rbg, apg, bpg, vorp, ws, ws/48, box plus/minus, higher fg %, higher 3 point %

  118. Genuine interview. Even tho the interviewer is part of the propaganda to make Lebron the GOAT. He kept it honest, salutes to him.

  119. Who?

  120. Wow the comments are LIT!

  121. Not consistent but had the longest double digit streak in nba history

  122. He never said “Lebron will never be great like Kobe, he’s not consistent enough.” He said he doesn’t have that consistent “dog” in him like Kobe and MJ. Some what click bait here smh.

  123. Guys an idiot if the warriors weren’t the best team ever lebron would have won 3 of the last 4 championships…if Jordan had to play the warriors 73-9 team with the addition of KD they’d be taking Ls

  124. He’s speaking facts

  125. He’s on point. Lebron could have been the unstoppable killer but he chose to be a teddy bear.

  126. Bro if you don’t get your real stupid ass #consistent really hello 8 straight finals win or lose don’t matter

  127. Those. Lebaron haters fuck you These players are playing at a very high energy pace. And to expect great games from them especially after injuries, is un fair

  128. I like guys who have that dawg in them… i dont think he has that!!!

  129. Preach!!! Kobe > LeBron

  130. Lebron must have refused to give her an interview or something. Leahy is constantly looking for reasons to bring up Lebron just to talk negatively about him. It’s kind of odd.

  131. I’m sorry Who is this?

  132. Wow someone talking the truth about lbj……

  133. I like him!! Whoeva the hell he is! He’s right though. As a Laker fan, I find it difficult rooting for LJ. It is an “expense” as he says. He’s the best player in the game however still not the “people’s champ.” He just aint got that “dawg” in him consistently. He won’t guard the opponents best player. LJ shys away from confrontation when he’s playing in a city built and established in confrontation ie., Gang Banging, Politics, Riots, Deathrow Records, etc. LJ just aint got that in him so at this point, respect from a community mixed in with consistent confrontation, has to be earned! Kobe was confrontational from jump! Likewise for Shaq and many other Laker greats that preceded. LJ is a Beast…….but he aint no Killa on the court! Theirs a difference! ! Laker fans recognize the difference.

  134. hilarious

  135. Hell just watch game 4 of the finals 2018 and try and convince me he has dog in him

  136. Like kobe in the 04 finals, 06 playoffs, 07 playoffs,

  137. u should not put words in a persons mouth..he never said lebron is not great like kobe..he never said lebron is not consistent enough in general..he said lebron does not have the dog in him consistently..there is a difference

    • Actually he never said lebron will not be great like kobe..its not cool for words to be put in his mouth that he did not say..good ol media..always twisting words around

  138. Shame on u Ms Leahy

  139. LeBron is better than Kobe! Period end of discussion.

  140. I guess you can find stupid anywhere. Kobe lost to the Pistons with the most dominant player in NBA history. LBJ will be Top 5 in scoring, Top 10 in rebounding, and Top 10 in assists but he’s not consistent?

  141. Anyone notice she only interviews guys. Lol she’s gotta be smashing some

  142. kobe

  143. You came take two numbers that equal 9 4.54.5 dumske

  144. 8 straight championship appearance not consitant enough

  145. Here for the comments

  146. Bro is literally the model of consistency lol

  147. Lol. Wow.

  148. 5:41 straight to the Lebron vs Kobe.

  149. Put some respect on lebrons name

  150. I agree Kobe is the best LeBron got 6Ls on his resume nuff said

  151. Well LeBron never consistently missed shots at the rate Kobe did. Kobe was the greatest brick layer of all time and that is actual fact. Kobe may have also been the greatest sidekick of all time in 00,01,and 02 though Pippen, Worthy, and Mchale are in that debate.

    So in bricks and being sidekicks LeBron will never match Kobe. LeBron wound have to miss so many more shots and win 4 rings as a sidekick to out do Kobe here.

    • Could you be anymore naive??

  152. who is this guy?

  153. Who ru? LOL

  154. Half of Jordan’s offense and defense would be fouls now with no hand checking and pushing off. And now you can play zone compared to easier man defense. Who did Jordan play in the finals, shitty Lakers with magic who was HIV positive and retired right after. Jazz wasn’t nowhere near a goldenstate, dont even say the trailblazers, lol. Barkley and the suns? Uh, no. Plus Jordan wouldnt win nothing without grant, pippen, Armstrong, kerr, kukoc, rodman. He always had amazing teammates and played their roles and hit clutch shots as well. Lebron has played much tougher opponents in the finals and with weaker teammates at times. If Jordan played today, he would play more like lebron and the top tier “stat padders” because with zones, less physical gameplay, and stars moving around he would have to pass and play more team ball. Jordan isn’t flying down the middle 10 times a game on lebron, Leonard, Davis, and ect… Truth is Jordan’s path to the finals was harder than the finals itself. Lebrons path to finals was easier, but with tough championship opponents. Facts

  155. Actually Bron is more consistent. How many years in a row has Lebron consecutively taken his teams to the playoffs compared to kobe?then to championships?lil kid stfu

  156. I swear this woman want Bron D

  157. Now this is a dummy!

  158. Consistent for what? MVP RUNS? PLAYOFF & FINALS APPEARANCES? wtf else you need him to be in? He does everything, nobody does EVERYTHING! But Bron. It’s who he is to do everything on court.

  159. His barber not consistent

  160. This kid is on drugs


  162. Who is this dude?

  163. This guy preaching!!!!!! amen on the kobe lebron comparison.

  164. Everyone dislike this video if Lebron is great!!!

  165. Lol who is this lame

  166. Very Accurate!

  167. Who is this guy nobody cares for his opinion

  168. Man this guy is drunk it’s fitting with this hater Christian she be hating so much.Lol like why it’s annoying dog Kobe won 2 with out Shaq guess he didn’t have enough dog in him lol

  169. Who tf is he supposed to be famous?

  170. Because 8 straight finals is as inconsistent as it comes

  171. It’s okay to be a Kobe fan bro, but damn that was a dumb statement.

  172. Shaq/Phil had Kobe on thier back. LeBron makes anytime a title contender. When Shaq left Kobe fell off the he gets Prime Gasol and Ron artist Phil comes back and helps him win. Then Phil leaves agai. Kobe misses the playoffs

  173. Robert hurry is 7 for 7, and Kerr is 5 for 5. There is a whole list of player with perfect finals records. I guess they are goats too. John salley has won 4 rings. Your point