Cubs Home Runs Off of the Wrigley Field Video Boards

Chicago Cubs

Cubs Home Runs Off of the Wrigley Field Video Boards


  1. First

    • Last?

  2. You should compile all of the craziest walk off wins in this century.

  3. Litttttt

  4. You can only end that video with Schwarber. Wow. Still.

  5. Here for the bandwagon cub fans

  6. Bam Bam crushing it against the dead birds is the best!

  7. Didnt realize how small wrigley is until now lol

  8. The new designs added to the ballpark just makes this stadium that much better , I remember watching games in 2015 or 2014 when the bleachers where completely covered up with tarp, so lit

  9. They hang it, we bang it

  10. Love how quickly Wood on the Dodgers knows Contreras Crushed it. As soon as you hear the crack of the bat he cringes! lol!

  11. Is the ball that Kyle Schwarber hit still encapsulated on top of the video screen?

    • GTR&ELT Steve
      I don’t think so, don’t know, but it should be lol

    • I hope so! Seems well sealed and in a good spot to stay put. Backed up the video to show the wife. How awesome.

    • Yes it is. I believe the knob that is holding up the ball is from the bat he hit that he with.

    • No, got taken down the following season.

    • It is, I did a tour of Wrigley and they point it out during the tour and you can still see the glass case up there.

    • Thanks for all the replies.

  12. Had to save the best one for last

  13. I can’t wait till Willson Contreras does well again in 2019. He has so much talent and power! (Bryant too but

  14. I was there for Bryant’s home run at around the 2 minute mark. That thing was WRECKED!

  15. Schwarbomb!

  16. Schwarbet’s bomb in the ‘15 NLDS reigns supreme.

  17. I’m thinking the only thumbs down are from Yadier Molina.

  18. They should nickname that video board or just that area of the bleachers “Schwarber’s Landing”.

  19. “What in the world?” Best way to describe Schwarber’s home run.

  20. Music was a little weird

  21. Fun fact: no one has ever hit the center field manual scoreboard on the fly with a batted baseball from home plate.