MLB | How Good Were the 2018 Boston Red Sox?

Boston Red Sox

MLB | How Good Were the 2018 Boston Red Sox?

Boston Red Sox
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  1. This is probably the best team ever made in the history of the game

    • Lexies Calderon I have to agree with you on that one

    • Hmm! I wouldn’t say that. Perhaps in the 21st century. But not all-time. 27 Yankees still top it all.

    • +KROCKOHOLICSHTOWN those teams where good back in the day but today’s best teams would rock any of those those teams in today’s game

    • Lexies Calderon that depends. But yeah! I could see a best of 7

  2. Red Sux

    • Salty

    • Yankee fan?

    • Taylor Million I think you mean the World Champion Red Sux

    • They obviously didn’t suck if someone is making a video like this about them

    • Brian Dubowik ~ your last name is, dubowik. You suck

  3. For forgotten classics do 2011 World Series game 3. Albert Pujols’ three homer game. 16-7 blowout over the Rangers. That’s my suggestion

    • Logan Detwiler more of a blowout than a classic

    • Edwin Mohan how about 2006 ALCS game 4

    • Logan Detwiler This May be a little biased but game 2 of the 2013 alcs

    • Edwin mohan im with you on that one

  4. Hope you enjoy this style of video!

    • EXE-Edits I love it. For forgotten classics can you do 2011 World Series game 3? Albert Pujols’ three homer game. 16-7 Cardinals blowout over the Rangers

    • +Logan Detwiler that’s a blowout the game sucked

  5. 2019 sox will be much worse look at spring training ):

    • It’s spring training, they don’t give a shit if they lose every game in spring training. Regular season is what matters.

    • E K Key words “spring training”

    • E K that’s because the Sox don’t have the best farm system but have a young core in the mlb

    • Spring training is a joke

  6. I hate the Red Sox

    • it’s ok dude

    • Me too, bro. Me too.

    • +Abraham Terry man you guys are due. It’s been 35 years and you guys are in a real deep hole. Glad to see you are remaining loyal!

  7. I wish this team played the 2016 cubs, that would be one heck of a series

    • I think it’d still be pretty one sided favoring the Sox. Now if the Cubs and Sox made it in 03…

    • +Cubs MLB Perfect Inning Gaming the cubs didn’t look too good at the beginning of that series and barely won game 5 vs a team not nearly as good as the 18 sox.

  8. betts hit .346 not .364. great video!

  9. THE BEST TEAM IS BOSTON HISTORY. And one of the best teams in mlb history. Thanks for the video.

  10. i really don’t like the Yankees, but the ’98 team was so op its ridiculous, and i don’t think we need a video of that year’s team to understand how massively talented and good they were

  11. The 1998 Yankees are better and I hate the Yankees

    • Same

  12. ………..and we’re gonna do it again too

    • x

  13. He did mention that they had the most combined wins in a season with 125

  14. BeSt Of ALl TiMe¡

  15. They didn’t win 119. They won 108

    • 108 regular season wins + 11 postseason wins = 119 total wins.

    • EXE-Edits ah I gotcha

  16. F the entire al east

    • Orioles

  17. I watched every game except one I had to miss for work and it was like an 8-0 lost to the White Sox

  18. Pretty Good

    Made by Jon Bois

  19. awesome Series to watch!!! Make Machado look like a clutz with that final swing!!! xD

  20. Answer: Hella Good

  21. It feels weird to hear your voice

  22. As a Yankees fan, they’re probably one of the greatest teams of all time even rivaling our 98 team.

    • Sadly that is the case. Our 98 team was better but not by a longshot. Overall it doesn’t matter as we have 27 and they’re nowhere close. Here’s to 2019 and bringing #28 back to the Bronx!

  23. Don’t get me wrong. The 2018 Red Sox were amazingly good. However, people are saying that they are going to be a dynasty. Literally nothing went wrong for the Red Sox this year which is why they were as successful as they were. The Yankees will be better in 2019.

  24. Not good enough LOL 2005 white sox still remain the last best team in the post season. Dominance

    • Fresh Produce Market 98 Yankees

  25. Got no hit by the A’s…

  26. As a Sox fan, this was a good watch. I’ll have to subscribe

  27. Really good video

  28. They were really good and coming from a Yankees fan, then NOT resigning Kimbrel is a huge mistake. Especially after the Yanks resigned Britton and signed Ottavino. Pitching will ruin them this year. No Kelly, no Kimbrel no bullpen.

    • yet they’ll find a way to win…

    • +baseball 4dayz they’ll win….but without an established…just not as much. HUGE mistake not resigning Kimbrel.

  29. Soy de Nicaragua y me fasina la grande liga mi equipo favorito es la media rroja de bastón

  30. Red Sox will not win a World Series for 20 more years. They have a serious pitching issue they are not addressing. Complacency will kill them and send them into a rebuild in about 10 years

  31. red sox are really a team for the ages

  32. The fact that they easily beat the best three teams in baseball while winning 108 games in the regular season speaks volumes. And all three of those teams were possible World Series winners in any other year.

  33. I still love how fast davey tinglefingers got the dog pile

  34. They are not good. They are just building a BASEBALL DICTATORSHIP, and it proved in 2018, showing no mercy.

  35. You should do a video about umpire/catcher cam view