1. Good result for dodgers

  2. Bellinger’s performance in 2017 WR still a nightmare for me! His start that rookie year was also blazing like this year’s. Hopefully the results will be different this time around!

  3. If the Dodgers could get all there starting pitching to do that every game…. they’ll be unstoppable… 5 STRAIGHT SHIPS!!!

  4. The Dodgers are still only winning 76 games. That’s coming from a Dodgers fan.

    • Sean Miles they always get like 90 tho probably not but this is coming from a jays fan

  5. I was at the game yesterday!

    EDIT: Go Blue!

  6. The Brewers should go to a straight platoon at 1rst base ..Aquilar has been spinning his wheels since late last year and Thames crushes right handed… The league will catch up to Freddie Peralta and his fastball he MUST devolope other pitches…DO NOT let Goldschimdt beat you