4/14/19: Marquez throws 7 2/3 no-hit frames in win

San Francisco Giants

4/14/19: Marquez throws 7 2/3 no-hit frames in win


  1. every pitcher facing Giant would become CY Young award winner

    • Yesum, the totalities of the hitting position ones, facing the Giants, would have been $4 00 or much much .

  2. One hit by logo or it’s a “PERFECT GAME” against Bochy and the Giant’s hitters.

    This is getting to be EXPECTED by the Giant’s fans. What the Giant’s need is 25 year old hitter who can hit 300average/20 HR/ and 100 runs and 100 ribs to makes things ok.

  3. Nice to see a manager leave a starter in to get a Complete Game Shutout. Old school baseball!! There were only 18 total Complete Game Shutouts in all of 2018, a new all-time one season low, when for the first time in MLB history, no pitcher in either league recorded more then 1 (one) CG Shutout. To realize just how low that number is, in 1968 Bob Gibson threw 13 Complete Game Shutouts all by himself!