1. Anytime the STL beats Cincy its great.

  2. Cards have the winning hand

  3. It’s always lame playing the reds, bc then the Cards are blue on the scoreboards.

  4. Stevie Wonder could play left field better than Ozuna. I’m a Cards fan but I’m sorry St. Louis but I think Ozuna might be on something. He’s gotten bigger and hitting tape measure shots. That’s all I’m saying. Wong so far looks fantastic defensively. Martinez is just a hitting machine

    • For Ozuno: Stevie Wonder, would never mumble, such criticism. Ozuna’s an awesome part of The Cardinal’s Organization. Just sayin’

  5. Nice work Red birds!

  6. Daddy redbirds

  7. Winning without significant contributions from carpenter, goldSchmidt, Molina, Fowler or bader. The first three will produce. Fowler continues to be confounding. Bader defense is fabulous, but he needs to make more contact especially with the speed to create hits. Great start without Martinez on the mound and Reyes in the bull-pen. A lot of additional assistance to look forward to in the next few weeks..

  8. GO CARDS!!!!

  9. Stl cool

  10. We’ll get em next time!

  11. Nice to get back on the right track

  12. Martinez is such a beast at the plate.