1. Hey, ESPN, so sorry we had to ruin your Sunday Night Mets Broadcast, lol. Tell Jessica Mendoza to quit worshipping Jacob deGrom. Also, go Braves!! #ChopOn

    • Psssh.
      Nobody GivesAShit about ATL

    • Last year, we drew 2,555,781 people to our games. We have 2,231,351 likes on Facebook, and 1.26 million followers on Twitter. Oh, and you cared enough to insult me about it, thus defeating your own point. Think what you want, man, but saying nobody cares about the Braves is just plain ignorant, lol.

  2. Wtf is up with this dudes voice. Dude sounds like he hasn’t blown his nose in 20 years

    • ‘snot a nice thing to say…

  3. I thought this was going to be a mismatch of pitching but Teheran actually had a solid outing. I was surprised. Just wish he could have pitched the entire game so that I wouldn’t have to sweat it out with our sorry ass bullpen.

  4. Chop on!

  5. Nice to see Donaldson’s bat waking up for us. That Gold Glove is legit but we need offense to go with our young bullpen. Great work Braves! #chopon

  6. Go Braves! #ChopOn